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This page is here to help explain the technology behind many of the most innovative products we promote here at Modern Outpost. New application and technology notes will be added as time goes on, so if you have a request, please let us know what you would like to learn more about...




10 things to know
before you buy solar

A must read for anyone interested in using solar

Better Than Goal Zero:
What you need to know before buying

Solar power for kayak & canoe expeditions

Solar power for hikers

How to Free iPads

How to Free iPhones

Solar power for laptops

Solar power for digital cameras

Solar powered dSLR camera

CPAP power while camping

Canon EOS 50D solar charger

Canon EOS 5D solar charger

Canon EOS 7D solar charger

Canon Rebel T1i solar charger

Canon Rebel XSi solar charger

Nikon D3 solar charger

Solar AA/AAA battery charging

Solar power direct to devices? Maybe not.

Rechargeable battery technologies used in solar & alternative energy

Using external laptop batteries with solar

Compact portable power packs

Larger portable systems

VideoSolar MacBook

VideoCharging a Tekkon 3450 battery for laptop support

Charging an iPad with a small solar panel...
Brunton Restore
Brunton Freedom
VideoSolio Classic
More details & videos coming soon

VideoUniversal solar camera charger

VideoSolar Canon charger

VideoPower boost for your Solio charger

VideoMicro solar iPod/iPhone charger


Solar panels

Personal solar chargers

Battery chargers

Self-powered flashlights

Portable water purifiers

Handheld weather instruments


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Self-reliant camping gear and portable power solutions using flexible solar panels and lithium battery packs. Plus the latest camping gear and expedition camp equipment.




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10 Things to Know About
Portable Solar Power

How to properly solar charge a digital camera in the wild

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