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WAG Bags
Convenient waste disposal bags

by Clean Waste (formerly Phillips Environmental)

WAG Bags are an easy to use double-bag system designed for waste disposal when ordinary water toilets are not available. Ideal for emergency preparedness, the WAG Bags can be used with any standard toilet, or with the PETT folding dry toilet.

WAGs are puncture resistant, with handy zip closure and long shelf life. Each waste bag contains a non-toxic powder that gels liquid, catalyzes decay and removes odor. WAG Bags are biodegradable and approved for landfill disposal. Each kit comes with toilet paper and sanitizing wipe. 12 and 100 bag kits are available depending on your needs.

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Thousands of individuals use Phillips products, and are exercising responsible waste disposal to protect the environment. Phillips believes an environmentally sensitive attitude will protect our mountains, forest and waterways, and serve earth in the long run.

Clean Waste (formerly Phillips Environmental) products are in use by the Military, National Park Service, National Forest Service and FEMA.

About Clean Waste (formerly Phillips Environmental) Products...

Since being founded in 1999 by Bozeman Montana residents, Bill Phillips, Pam Phillips, and Mike Groff, thousands of individuals have been using our products, and have exercised responsible waste disposal. We believe an environmentally sensitive attitude will protect our mountains, forest and waterways and serve earth in the long run.

Clean Waste (formerly Phillips Environmental) Products has performed extensive product and market research, retaining the services of the University of Wisconsin Graduate Business School, the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center and the Montana State University department of Plant Pathology. Evaluations and product review was provided by the NASA Tech Link, BLM, outdoor product retailers, the NOLS and many managers of emergency services.

Located in Belgrade, Montana, only 90 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, our office is surrounded on three sides by the Bridger, Gallatin, and Tobacco Root Mountains. Our location is a constant reminder of the need to "Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace" on the world we live in.

In only a few years our company has grown rapidly and our products have gained the confidence of many users. Today our products are deployed by the United States Military, United States National Park Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition to governmental agencies, users of our products include backcountry travelers, rock climbers, river rafters, utility crews, survey parties and boaters.

Litter and human waste that is left behind in the outdoors has a significant impact on the environment. With the number of people visiting backcountry areas on the rise, we must all take part in reducing the impact on the environment.

 WAG Bag dry toilet waste disposal kits.

WAG Bag dry toilet waste disposal kits.


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Made in the USA

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