MAHA PowerEx Canada

maha powerexModern Outpost is Canadian dealer for MAHA PowerEx. MAHA Energy manufactures ultra-reliable battery chargers for AAA, AA batteries. We choose their models which offer mobile charging… 12V & USB inputs are a must.
The Imedion batteries are very popular, and provide performance beyond the batteries you will find at your local hardware or grocery store. Imedion batteries feature an advanced electrolyte design that gives these batteries charge retention similar to lithium. They will retain 85% of their charge even following a year of storage in your utility cupboard.

PowerEx Chargers…

MH-C9000 : Wizard One advanced multi-mode, battery charger
MH-C401FS : Compact 4-Channel AA/AAA charger
MH-C204U : USB charger & power bank

Imedion Low Self-Discharge Batteries…

AA : 2400mAHr
AAA : 950 mAHr
C : 5000mAHr
D : 9500mAHr
9V : 230mAHr

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