Universal Lithium

Universal Lithium

This is the department for larger, yet still very portable, battery packs. These are the ones designed on the traditional 12V platform that most solar panels operate in. They are designed to store power from any solar panels that offer output voltages in the 14-20V range. Car power outlets too.

The term ‘universal’ really refers to the battery’s output side, which typically includes USB ports, 12V CLA outlet socket (like the one in your car dashboard), & specific laptop voltages (16/19V). Some even provide built-in AC power inverters which produce household AC power for any equipment you have that cannot utilize DC (ie some medical equipment).

Two battery chemistries are the norm…
1. Lithium
The lightweight option that’s perfect for dSLR cameras, laptops, USB devices, and more.
2. SLA (lead-acid)
This is the type you want for heavy-duty equipment, and AC inverter power for household appliances & tools.

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