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Days are getting longer! Can you feel it? Probably not at this moment, but hey, got to stay positive while in the grips of a polar vortex.
2023 is going to be a big year for solar demand, so get in touch with us early to plan your project. Lots of exciting new equipment being released this spring, including a new hybrid inverter line from SMA, a wide range of new battery options, and always a constant progression of solar modules.

We’re running hard to keep-up with demand for grid-tied systems to reduce folks’ energy bills and reliance on their utility. You can lock-in your electricity costs by investing in solar. As utility rates rise, every kWh you generate becomes more valuable. It’s an inflation-beater!

Looking for Back-Up Power Options?
It’s time to get your back-up system ready for crazy weather and power outages. Just a little energy independence goes a long way.
Find some equipment ideas here

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Get what you need without crossing the border. Shop our vast array of solar equipment from almost every major manufacturer in the industry.

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200+ models of solar module means you can find the best options for your project at Modern Outpost.

If you would like pricing & availability on a specific item, but don’t see it posted on this site, send us a note.

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Modern Outpost Residential Systems

Solar in the city?
Absolutely. Because…
It’s easy to do.
It’s cheaper than other renos.
It’s greener than other renos.
It’s built to work silently for decades.
It’s an increase in home market value.
It’s the home improvement that pays you back.

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New all-black modules from Hanwha QCells and their big 480W model have been popular, REC Solar’s 400AA modules continue to lead the pack for van conversions & marine systems due to their power density & strong build, and Powerfilm has been the overwhelming choice for portable applications & HAM radio systems along with Bioenno LFP batteries. Batteries and inverters have had their distribution challenges, but quality & performance continue to march forward.

Q.Cells Releases High-Power Modules
Higher yields – especially in partial shade.
New Packable Solar From Powertraveller
Ruggedized & powerful.
Goal Zero Releases New Yeti Portable Lithium
New Yeti power packs & Boulder solar panels lead the way.
Emergency Power Back-Up
We’re fielding lots of questions. Here are some answers.

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One day we might have it all posted! In the meantime, we can source equipment from all the following manufacturers. Let us know what you need for your project.

Solar Modules for Residential Grid-Tie & Off-Grid Projects
Hanwha Q.Cells :: Trina :: REC Solar :: Lumos :: Solaria :: Jinko Solar :: Longi :: Canadian Solar ::

Silfab :: C-Sun :: Mission Solar :: Axitec :: EMMVEE ::  SunMac :: Heliene :: 
SolarFlex / Go Power! :: Stark :: XTerra :: SolarTech :: Dasol :: Global Solar :: P3 :: Powerfilm ::

Portable Solar
Goal Zero :: Voltaic Systems :: Power Traveller :: Powerfilm Solar :: P3 Solar ::  Bioenno :: Powerwerx ::
Ansmann :: Maha Energy :: Coghlans :: Go Power!

Enphase :: APSystems :: Hoymiles :: SMA :: SolarEdge :: Fronius :: Sol-Ark :: Delta :: Yaskawa :: 

Outback Power :: Schneider :: Generac/Pika :: SimpliPHI/Briggs & Stratton :: Sonnen ::
Samlex :: Magnum :: Xantrex :: 
Go Power! :: Victron :: Tigo :: Kisae :: Kaco ::

Charge Controllers & Battery Chargers
Midnite Solar :: Morningstar :: Magnum Dimensions :: Outback Power :: Schneider :: Blue Sky Energy :: Victron ::
Samlex/Steca :: Xantrex :: Eco Energy :: Genasun :: Go Power! :: Atkinson :: EPEver :: Phocos :: 
Iota :: Marinco :: Hybrid Power :: Sterling :: Bioenno :: Lynac

EV Chargers
ChargePoint :: Eaton :: eMotorWerks :: Leviton :: SolarEdge

Discover :: Sonnen :: Enphase :: Blue Planet :: Pika/Generac :: Eguana :: Sharp :: Darfon ::
LG Chem ::
Simpliphi :: Lynac :: Fortress :: RELiON :: Go Power :: Hybrid Power :: Bioenno ::
Surrette/Rolls :: Trojan Battery :: MagnaCharge :: MK / Deka :: Outback :: Solar-One / HuP :: East Penn :: Crown :: Aquion Battery :: Green Rock/AIB

Ironridge :: Unirac :: Snap-n-Rack :: Kinetic :: HB Solar :: Spyder :: FastRack :: Pro Solar :: Nuance 

DPW Solar:: Aerocompact :: Ecolibrium :: OpSun :: Atlas :: Schletter ::
ZomeWorks :: GSE Integration :: Array Technologies :: Tamarack :: MT Solar :: Deger Energie :: 

Quick Mount :: EcoFasten :: S5! :: EJOT :: Oatey :: Chemlink
Solar Rackworks :: Noco

Grundfos :: SunRotor :: Sun Pumps :: Shurflo :: Jabsco :: Whale :: Rule
:: Dankoff :: 

Satco :: Nuvo :: Stanpro :: Lotus LED :: LiteLine :: GE Lighting
BrightSource :: Hella :: Grote :: Sea Dog :: Dr.LED :: Luminair :: Jabsco :: Phillips

Goal Zero :: Voltaic :: Generic

Snap-Fan :: Sundanzer :: Dometic :: Norcold :: Caframo

Wiring, Monitoring, & BOS
Midnite :: Outback :: SolaDeck :: Square D :: Wiley :: Schneider Electric :: Blue Sea Systems :: Marinco :: ProMariner :: Pico :: Eaton :: Hubell :: Cole Hersee :: Cooper Bussman :: Amphenol :: Multi Contact (MC4) :: Southwire :: Cobra Wire :: Ancor :: Heyco :: Hellermann Tyton :: LittleFuse :: Mersen :: Ferraz Shawmut :: Carlon :: Burndy
Neurio :: Bogart :: Deck Monitoring :: eGauge :: Locus Energy :: Itron

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