Residential Solar Information Package

Residential Solar Information Package

Solar Power Information Package for Homeowners.
Click the above link to download the 3-page PDF document.

2 thoughts on “Residential Solar Information Package

  1. Dave Ladouceur

    Interested in a grid tie system for part time country home east central Alberta. Emergency backup as well as cost offset. Turn key only.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dave, thanks for your note.
      What we can do is take a look at your power consumption for the house, and decide what level of offset you would like to achieve. We can start small with a design that allows easy expansion in the future. AC coupling for a back-up battery bank can also be looked at.
      At your convenience, let me know…
      1. The address of the property, and I can take a look at the satellite imagery & solar data.
      2. Your current annual power consumption, and what months you are there.
      3. How many days of back-up you will want, and what appliances would be on that back-up panel list.
      Send info to our main e-mail address
      I look forward to working with you on this project!
      Best regards

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