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Off-Grid Thinking Since The Late 1900’s

For many people, the words “Off-Grid” conjure images of hippies & hermits. Of gardens & goats in some remote patch of forest.

For others, it simply means flipping the bird at the power utility.

For me, the words off-grid are synonymous with independence. A willingness to do more with less instead of less with more. To be something of a contrarian to the musings of the Anthropocene.

I see off-grid thinking as the incorporation of mindfulness & sustainable practices into the daily routines of family, community, & recreation. Recognition of the difference between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’, and making educated, ethical decisions in that regard. Of teaching my children the same discipline. Of seeking out the most practical, sustainable technologies that big brains & opposable thumbs have created.

From this philosophy, I offer Modern Outpost to you.
A comprehensive source of solar equipment for Canadians, provided as efficiently as possible, and always with personal support.

Whether your current off-grid needs involve powering an LED light bulb in a remote farm building, keeping your camera charged during an expedition, or reducing your monthly utility bills by generating some of your own power, I hope that we can help you achieve your desired level of “off-grid”.

Graham Morfitt, Owner
BSc (Physics), Dipl.BA


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Our Customers…

For over 20 years, Modern Outpost has been a trusted source of independent power systems for expeditions, adventures, & DIY off-grid power projects.
We also provide grid-tie solar equipment for off-grid-thinkers who find themselves trapped in urban realities. If you are not up for a DIY project, we are happy to supply all the parts & guidance to work with your favourite roofers, electricians, and contractors to see the job done right with local support.

We are also a proud to supplier to Canadian & provincial government ministries, Canadian Forces, most major universities & colleges, environmental firms, & research organizations.

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Our Catalogue…

Our catalogue continues to grow daily, and now features thousands of products from dozens of the leading renewable energy innovators. Through our extensive supply relationships, we are able to source the right equipment for any job.
For Every Job There Is The Right Tool…
So, don’t settle for the limited scope of equipment options available from most solar installers. We’ll give you a system designed to include the best options available for your specific needs.


Our Services…

Design & Supply
We provide design & supply services for all types of solar electric systems. Canada-wide.

Site Assessments
We provide FREE site assessments of solar production potential – find out what solar can do for you!

Doing Your Own Installation?
Great! We’ve got all the parts, and even pre-assembled systems, to help you get the job done fast.
Orders over $199 include FREE shipping.
We’re here to help whenever you need us.

Need Help With Installation?
We will work with your favourite local roofer to get your solar modules mounted on your roof according to code, while preserving your roof’s warranty. Your roofer knows your roof best!

For your electrical work, we will work with your favourite local electrician. They know your local code, permitting needs, and your home/cabin/boat/RV wiring best.
For new builds, it makes sense to use your crew that’s already on site. Get us into the process as early as possible.

Don’t know what roofer or electrician to use?
No sweat… just let us know, & we’ll help you track-down the right people.

Ongoing Service
Another benefit of using local trades, is that they are close-by should you ever need on-site service. But, if you have any questions about the equipment installed, a blinking LED that wasn’t blinking before, or any other operational questions, please give us a call or send us an email. We are always here for you.
Grid-Tie Clients : Your system is set-up with remote monitoring enabled, so you are able to monitor the performance of your system at any time – right down to the module level. Through the same system, we are able to monitor, troubleshoot, & take action quickly should there ever be a service issue.


Owner Profile…

Graham Morfitt, BSc(Physics), DiplBA

It’s true, I’ve been at this for over 20 years now. When I look back, I realize that this is a is a long run in any business. Especially in an industry like solar which has evolved so much over that time. When I started, a 75W solar panel from Siemens was $750! Now a leading 400W panel is around $500. In 1996 it was all off-grid systems for cabins, boats, and RVs, and now it’s grid-tie systems for utility bill reduction, emergency back-up systems, PLUS all the off-grid applications.

When not helping people design solar power systems, writing articles for the website, or tinkering with solar equipment, I can usually be found down at the local track & field facility coaching & training with the Comox Valley Cougars Track Club. I’ve been a javelin thrower for over 40 years & don’t plan on stopping as long as there’s tape, tiger balm, and ibuprofen available. It’s a privilege to work with athletes of all ages in the sport which has given me so much.Modern Outpost Logo

Got a question for me?
Send me an email! graham at modernoutpost.com