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Array TechnologiesModern Outpost is Canada’s Array Technologies store. If you are planning a solar PV installation in Canada, and need to consider off-roof mounting options, Array Technologies has your solutions. See the equipment listings below.

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is the leading U.S.-based manufacturer of smart, cost-effective, reliable and robust solar tracking systems for utilities, corporations, small businesses and homeowners. Array Technologies provides solar tracking solutions for any project, whatever its scale, location or requirements.

Manufacturing solar products in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 1989, ATI has supplied more than 20,000 trackers to residential customers and more than 5 gigawatts to commercial and utility-scale markets around the globe.

WattSunResidential tracking and racking products, marketed under the Wattsun brand name since 1989, is now the residential division of Array Technologies. Wattsun products have been installed in locations around the globe, and continue to provide excellent, cost-effective solar energy generation for off-grid and residential applications.

Product offerings under Array Technologies’ residential division are organized into three types: azimuth trackers, horizontal-row trackers and fixed-rack mounts.

Modern Outpost offers the following Array Technologies equipment.

Engineered Simplicity

After more than 25 years of testing in the field and in the lab, as well as undergoing independent engineering reviews, our product designs have been refined for peak performance and long life.

Array Technologies’ tracking products are engineered to withstand some of the worst conditions on the planet and keep on going. With the objective of a minimum 25 year lifespan, they lead the industry in reliability and durability.

Array Technologies’ products are built for durability in extreme temperatures and weather events. Easily installed on any terrain, ATI’s tracking systems deliver robust performance and reliable operation. Smart design also saves money with quick installation and little or no required annual maintenance.array technologies 12x60 single axis

DuraTrack AZ : Single Axis Tracker

Get up to 33% more output from your solar array vs fixed mounts by tracking the sun from East to West. Fast and Easy to Install. Low Maintenance.

15019-001 : 12x 60-Cell Modules

DuraTrack DA : Dual Axis Tracker

Get up to 33% more output from your solar array vs fixed mounts by tracking the sun from East to West. Fast and Easy to Install. Low Maintenance.

15022-001 : 12x 60-Cell Modules – Corrosion Resistant, clear
15015-001 : 12x 60-Cell Modules – Powder Coated, clear

DuraRack AT : Single Axis Seasonal Adjust

With its low profile, the DuraRack AT is great for windy locations and areas with height restrictions. It’s reliable, efficient, easy to install and designed to last.

  • 4kW + capacity
  • Accommodates up to 16 standard 60-cell modules
  • Adjustable tilt fixed rack — for any seasonal setting, from 0 to 60°

15001-1 : 12-16x 60-Cell Modules


Get in touch with us today if there is an Array Technologies product you are interested in, or if you would like additional information or quotation.

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