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Aspect Solar CanadaAspect Solar by Kicker Power is a complete line of state of the art portable solar panels & battery packs for people with larger power requirements while roaming the wild places on this globe. More than just offering quality solar components, Aspect Solar has engineered their equipment to integrate with plug-n-play simplicity, so you spend more time collecting electrons, and less time fiddling with wires & plugs.
Aspect Solar backs everything they do with an industry-leading 5-Year warranty.


We are pleased to carry a wide range of Aspect Solar products. But we don’t just sell Aspect, we know solar power, and match your needs to the Aspect Solar products that will offer the best solution. We provide service and value that other companies can’t.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special Aspect Solar Canada feature page.

Aspect Solar EP-60 60W solar panelAspect Solar: Solar Panels

…among the most powerful folding crystalline solar panels available
DuoFlex2 : 13W folding solar for USB devices & batteries
EP-60 : 60W folding solar for 12V & universal battery packs


Aspect Solar EnergyBar 250 battery packAspect Solar: Battery Packs

…lightweight lithium battery packs, in sizes for larger outback power needs, like CPAP, BiPAP, other medical devices, communications equipment, and more.
EnergyBar 100 : 100Whr universal solar battery pack
EnergyBar 250 : 250Whr universal solar battery pack
EnergyBar 300 : 300Whr universal solar battery pack
PoweRack 1500 : 1500Whr universal solar battery pack
PoweRack 1500S : 1500Whr expansion block for PoweRack 1500

Aspect Solar: Complete Systems

…get it all at the same time & save
A1-A625 Solar Generator : 60W portable solar power systems with battery pack & built-in sun tracking system
Solar Power Pack Plus : 60W solar, 250WHr storage


Aspect Solar charge controller scc-60Aspect Accessories

…the extra parts that enhance versatility
EC-250 : Watertight hard shell case for EnergyBar 250
EC-250 : Watertight hard shell case for EnergyBar 250
i1-150 : 150W AC inverter
DC-154 : 12V vehicle charging adaptor
EPC-180 : Daisy-chain up to 3 EP-60 solar panels
SPC-39 : Daisy-chain 3 DuoFlex solar panels for use with universal battery packs
SCC-60 : Solar charge controller for integrating Goal Zero panels with Aspect battery packs
SBA-12 : 12V Alligator clamp adaptor

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