Benjamin Mechanical

Benjamin Mechanical’s line of Canadian made adjustable solar pole mounts & trackers is available through Modern Outpost.

The use of pole mounts & solar trackers is common in off-grid applications where maximum solar harvest is essential throughout the day. Pole mounts allow for a raised array for better shade mitigation and site optimization.
Solar trackers allow a significant increase in energy production and improved solar gains with their capability of following the sun. By utilizing azimuth & elevation movements, they can increase the production of electricity with respect to fixed installations up to 20% (Single axis) or up to 40% (dual axis).

Manual Tilt Solar Pole Mounts

MT1, MT2, and MT3
Affordable 1-module, 2-module, and 3-module pole mounts.
All 3 models can be tilted single-handedly with no tools. A spring-loaded latch is pulled and the panels can be tilted to 4 preset angles as required throughout the season. Table-top position makes the solar module installation far easier!
Mounted on 3 ” schedule 40 Pipe readily available locally at your building supply. The tilting heads fit on top of the pole, with two tapped holes to hold the frame to the preferred (usually due-South) azimuth.
The units accept kinetic rapid rail for solar module attachment (extra charges apply for the Kinetic rails, module clamps, and other hardware).

Benjamin Mechanical single axis solar tracker

MT6 : Single Axis Adjustable Pole Mount
Perfect for cottage or off grid. Do seasonal tilt changes as needed to optimize your solar production year-round.
– Shed snow more easily
1/3 the parts of conventional racking (quicker installation time)
Adjusted in seconds for seasonal settings
20% more production than stationary systems
Zero maintenance as no electronics!
Tripod or Pole installation

Dual Axis Solar Tracker – Special Order

DA6 : Dual Axis Solar Tracker
Uses two 24 volt slew drives to automatically follow the sun to within a degree. Optical sensor dual axis is perfect for cottage or off grid.

Benjamin Mechanical dual axis solar tracker

Sheds snow automatically as it moves and tilts (Less likely to have the batteries freeze up.)
– 40% more production than stationary systems
Smaller footprint and production is as good as an 8 panel larger array
Includes and Anemometer that will tabletop the unit in high winds

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