Benjamin Mechanical

Benjamin Mechanical’s line of Canadian made solar trackers is available through Modern Outpost.

The use of solar trackers is common in off-grid applications where maximum solar harvest is essential throughout the day. Solar trackers allow a significant increase in energy production and improved solar gains with their capability of following the sun. By utilizing azimuth & elevation movements, they can increase the production of electricity with respect to fixed installations up to 20% (Single axis) or up to 40% (dual axis).

With solar tracking you can extend the time of available maximum power and thus produce with greater capacity, more hours a day.

Manual Tilt Solar Tracker

MT6 : Single axis tracker
Perfect for cottage or off grid
– Shed snow as a result of mobility at 20 degrees (Less likely to have the batteries freeze up.)
1/3 of conventional racking (quicker installation time)
Adjusted in seconds for seasonal settings
20% more production than stationary systems
Zero maintenance as no electronics
Tripod or Pole installation

Benjamin Mechanical single axis solar tracker
Dual Axis Solar Tracker

DA6 : Dual Axis Solar Tracker
Uses two 24 volt slew drives to automatically follow the sun to within a degree. Optical sensor dual axis is perfect for cottage or off grid.

Sheds snow automatically as it moves and tilts (Less likely to have the batteries freeze up.)
– 40% more production than stationary systems
Smaller footprint and production is as good as an 8 panel larger array
Includes and Anemometer that will tabletop the unit in high winds

Benjamin Mechanical dual axis solar tracker

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