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blue sky energy canadaModern Outpost is Canada’s Blue Sky Energy store. Since 1998, Blue Sky Energy has been specializing in MPPT solar charge controller technology for 36-cell solar modules. Solar Boost charge controllers will allow you to apply MPPT technology to smaller solar modules, or legacy solar modules, and harvest more power from your system. Great for remote telecomm sites, security camera systems, & Tiny House, RV, or boat systems. Patented technology delivers up to 30% more power from your PV Modules than conventional solar charge controllers.

blue sky product familySolar Boost MPPT Solar Charge Controllers…

30A @ 12V, 400W max (290W for 60-cell modules) MPPT, Display, Fully Programmable, Load Control, IPN net.

25A @ 12V, 340W max, MPPT, IPN net

25A @ 12V, 340W max, MPPT, Load Control, IPN net

40A @12V, 30A @24V (540W/800W max), MPPT, Load Control, IPN net

40A @12V, 30A @24V (540W/800W max), MPPT, Display, Load Control, IPN net

20A @12V, or 15A @24V (270W/400W max), MPPT, Load Control, IPN net

Kit for RV’s & boats : Comprised of SB3024iL & IPN ProRemote

Kit for RV’s & boats : Comprised of SB3024iL & IPN ProRemote, with current shunt

SunCharger PWM Solar Charge Controllers…

Sun Charger 30
A precise PWM solar charge controller 12V/30 amp entry level quality solar controller. Available with LVD and Lighting control signal. Winner of RV West Magazine Readers Choice Award 2013


IPN Remote : Remote display, 25′ cable included
IPN ProRemote :
Remote display & programming interface, 25′ cable incl.
IPN ProRemote-S :
¬†Remote display & programming interface, current shunt, 25′ cable
 Communication module, RS-485, TCP, Datalogger, WebServer, FTP

930-0022-20 : Battery Temperature Sensor for any controller model
506-0003-01 : 500A/50V current shunt for the IPN ProRemote

Upgrade/3024DUO : DUO-Option software upgrade for PWM diversion
SB3024PDL : Front panel display for SB3024iL

523-0005-01 : EM interference suppressors (set of 2)
SC30-Adaptor :
SC30/SB3000i Mounting plate for existing cutout (7.5×4.6″)
PRO-Adaptor : IPN ProRemote mounting plate for existing cutout
REM-Adaptor : IPN Remote mounting plate for existing cutout
720-0011-01 : SC30/SB3000i Wall mount box (7cm deep)
MTB BOX 2512 : Plastic ABS Wall mount for SB2512 (7cm deep)


Get in touch with us today if there is a Blue Sky Energy product you are interested in, or if you would like additional information.

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