Dasol Energy Canada

dasol logoDasol Solar builds panels for traditional 12V systems. Boats, RVs, farms, off-grid lighting, water pumping, electric fencing, …the applications are almost endless.
These 12 VDC nominal modules have an output voltage that is well-suited for charging 12-Volt batteries and can be wired in series for charging 24- or 48-Volt battery banks. They can be used with inexpensive PWM controllers (see Charge Controllers for more information).
If you want solar power, but are on a tight budget, look no further.

Dasol Energy Solar Module Features…

36-Cell Polycrystalline Modules
Terminal screw junction box provided
Anodized aluminum framedasol solar certifications
Tempered glass face
Tough polymer back sheet
Certifications : UL1703, CSA5311-10 & 90, IEC61215
Built in an ISO9001 certified plant


DS-A18-10 : 10 Watt Module
DS-A18-30 : 30 Watt Module
DS-A18-60 : 60 Watt Module
DS-A18-90 : 90 Watt Module
DS-A18-135 : 135 Watt Module

Using Dasol Energy Solar Modules…

The DS-A18-10 has wire leads. The DS-A18-30 has a single-port J-box and can be ordered with a 2-conductor lead. The larger modules feature diode-accessible junction boxes with pre-assembled MC4/H4-style leads.