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Ecolibrium logoEcolibrium Solar® is an established market leader, designing and supplying innovative ballast solar racking and support solutions for commercial flat roofs, and rail-less mounting solutions for residential rooftops. Modern Outpost is your Canadian EcoFoot store.

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The Simplest Way to Max Out Your Roof.
EcoFoot5D delivers preassembled parts and an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go ballasted system installation that is unlike any other flat-roof racking.
ecolibrium ecofoot5d systemThe result is a seamless installation process from start to finish, saving on time and minimizing job-site impact. Small7x16.7” roof-friendly modular Base and dense 9.9” inter-row spacing enables a tightly packed solar array that delivers 18.4% more power than 10° systems. Whether your roof is small or large, EcoFoot5D provides more power, lowering cost-per-watt.
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EcoFoot 2+

Fast install. Flexible system design. Lifetime reliability.
EcoFoot2+ is rated by DNV-GL with an impressive install speed of 13.5 modules per installer-hour. Backed by industry leading third-party validation and in-house testing, EcoFoot2+’s ballasted mounting system is designed to last the entire life of your solar project.ecofoot2 clampEcoFoot2+’s pre-assembled components and simple installation process ensure your project timelines and labor targets are met.
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EcoX is the next generation rail-less racking system from Ecolibrium Solar. With pre-assembled components, EcoX is optimized for a fast and simple installation process.ecox solar panel racking mount Modules drop in from above and there is never a need to walk on modules. Pre-assembled components and quick connections make EcoX easy to install. EcoX is fully certified to UL2703 including groundingand bonding, mechanical loading, and fire resistance. This ensures a code compliant, robust solution designed to last the life of the project.
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