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Enerplex CanadaModern Outpost is Canada’s premier Enerplex dealer. From the award-winning Jumpr Slate battery packs, to high efficiency CIGS solar chargers, we are your Enerplex Canada store.


Enerplex solar charging equipment provides a more rugged and durable set of power solutions for campers, climbers, backpackers, and nomadic travelers. CIGS thin film solar cells from Ascent solar generate more power per day than other solar cell technologies at Canadian latitudes.

We stock everything listed below in Canada, which means no border fees or hidden courier costs.
Let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for on this special Enerplex Canada feature page.

Enerplex Canada: Kickr II PlusSolar Chargers…

Enerplex solar chargers feature their ‘Solar On Plastic’ construction using CIGS thin film solar cells. This means excellent durability, and exceptional performance in all sunlight conditions. The right choice for northern latitudes, high altitudes, and the tropics.

Kickr I : 1.5 Watts of go-anywhere solar for backpacks & bikes
Kickr II : 3 Watts of the best CIGS thin film solar for charging GoPro, cameras, iPhones, GPS, and more
Kickr II+ : 3 Watts of top CIGS solar in a convenient zipper case
Kickr IV : 6 Watts for those heavier users of USB electronics when trekking
Kickr IV+ : 6 Watts of solar in a zipper case

Packr Commuter : Solar backpack designed for urban life
Packr Executive : Solar case for the business traveller – COMING SOON

Enerplex Canada: Jumpr Slate 5KBattery Packs…

Innovation is the mantra here. From ultra-thin models that clip into binders, to multiple output ports with complete USB compatibility.

Jumpr Mini : The small USB battery with stackable charging

Jumpr Slate 5K : Award-winning design, and USB power
Jumpr Slate 5K-L : Binder battery for Apple lightning
Jumpr Slate 10K : The big binder battery pack

Jumpr Prime 4400 : Stylish 2-port USB battery
Jumpr Prime 7800 : Stylish 2-port USB battery
Jumpr Prime 10400 : Stylish 2-port USB battery

Jumpr Quad : Uses rechargeable AA’s to store power

Generatr 100 : Lightweight lithium with DC & AC output
Generatr 1200 : Lots of power storage, AC & DC output, in a lightweight lithium format


USB Torch : Turn any USB battery into a powerful flashlight – POSTING SOON
USB Light Wand : Work light for any USB battery – POSTING SOON

Not yet available…

Commandr XII : 19 Watts of flexible solar for big needs
Surfr 5 : Ultra-slim solar shell for iPhone 5 models
Surfr 6 : Ultra-slim solar shell for iPhone 6 models
Jumpr Stack 3 : 12WHr stackable USB power
Jumpr Stack 6 : 23WHr stackable USB power
Jumpr Stack 9 : 34WHr stackable USB power
Jumpr Bar : Super compact USB stick
Jumpr Flashlight Battery : The flashlight that charges phones

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