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Enphase Microinverters get more power from the same solar panels. This means greater savings & value from your system.
Every part of the Enphase system is designed to have a minimal impact on your building. Wiring and equipment stay out of sight, and the low voltage AC design improves safety.
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Enphase Microinverters get more power from the same solar panels. How? Through efficiency, MPPT at the panel level, and mitigation of the effects of partial array shading & soiling. Unlike other types of solar inverters, if there is a shaded, dirty, or problem panel, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly. The result is increased system power yield of 3-12% over standard string inverters (according to multiple independent studies incorporating a variety of shading/soiling issues). This means greater savings & value from your system.

The new IQ System Microinverters – 6th Generation
IQ 7 : IQ7 Microinverter (up to 350W, 60-Cell Solar Modules)
IQ 7+ : IQ 7+ Microinverter (up to 440W, 60 & 72-Cell Solar Modules)
IQ 6 : IQ6 Microinverter (up to 330W, 60-Cell Solar Modules)
IQ 6+ : IQ 6+ Microinverter (up to 400W, 60 & 72-Cell Solar Modules)

‘S’ Series Microinverters – 5th Generation
S230 : The S-series microinverter (195-285W Solar Modules)
S280 : The S-Series microinverter (235-365W Solar Modules)

‘M’ Series Microinverters
M215 : The workhorse of the Enphase line (190-280W Solar Modules)
M250 : Higher solar panel output capacity (210-310W Solar Modules)
C250 : Commercial unit for 430VAC, 3-phase systems (210-350W Solar Modules)

System Monitoring & Communications…

The Enphase Envoy shows you the status of all panels in real time.

The new IQ Systemenphase iq envoy
IQ Envoy (ENV-IQ-AM1-240M) :
IQ Communications gateway
IQ Combiners : AC combiner box with IQ Envoy
     IQ Combiner + (X-IQ-AM1-240-2)
IQ Combiner 3 (X-IQ-AM1-240-3)
IQ Aggregator : Rooftop branch circuit combiner
Enphase Consumption CT (CT-200-SPLIT) : Monitors whole-home energy consumption

Envoy-S : The Enphase communications gateway for M-Series & S-Series microinverters. Also Envoy-S-Meter Metered Version.
 : The classic communications gateway for residential systems using the M215 or M250 MicroInverters
Envoy-C : The communications gateway for commercial systems using the C250 MicroInverter

Power-Line Ethernet Bridge : Connect the Envoy to your LAN when the Envoy cannot be located near your router.

WiFi Adaptor : Connect the Envoy to your LAN wirelessly.

Wiring Accessories…

The new IQ system
Q Cable (Q-12-10-240) : Portrait, 60 & 72-Cell Modules
Q Cable (Q-12-17-240) : Landscape, 60-Cell Modules
Q Cable (Q-12-20-200) : Landscape, 72-Cell Modules
Frame Mount (EFM-35MM) : Mounts Enphase Microinverters to 35mm modules
Frame Mount (EFM-40MM) : Mounts Enphase Microinverters to 40mm modules
Q Clip (Q-CLIP-100) : Q Cable rail mount cable management
Q Cable Terminator (Q-TERM-10) : Terminator cap for Q Cable ends
Q Cable Disconnect (Q-DISC-10) : Disconnect tool for Q Cable connectors
Q Sealing Caps (Q-SEAL-10) : Sealing cap for unused Q Cable connectors
Q Branch Aggregator (Q-BA-3-1P-60) : Combines 1-3 Q cable inputs
Branch Aggregator Cap (Q-BA-CAP-10) : Sealing cap for Branch Aggregator
Female Field-Wireable Connector (Q-CONN-10F) : Connector for Q Cable
Male Field-Wireable Connector (Q-CONN-10M) : Connector for Q Cable

enphase engage cable

Engage Cable – Portrait : Enphase trunk cable with waterproof MicroInverter connectors spaced for solar panels in portrait orientation.
Engage Cable – Landscape :Enphase trunk cable with waterproof MicroInverter connectors spaced for solar panels in landscape orientation.

Engage Coupler : Splice connector for joining two Engage cables
Engage Branch Terminators : Waterproof terminating caps
Engage Watertight Caps : Seals unused Engage Cable connectors
Engage Clips : Mounting accessory for the Engage Cable

More Info…

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