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Goal Zero CanadaWe are your Goal Zero Canada store. Your source for this popular line of portable solar chargers for off-grid adventures. Goal Zero offers premium quality gear and backs it all with exceptional service & warranty coverage. Goal Zero products were designed to meet the needs of humanitarian projects in Africa, but the utility of the equipment reaches far beyond.

Modern Outpost has been a Goal Zero dealer since the company’s earliest days. We are proud to offer a wide range of Goal Zero products. Our long experience with portable power applications means that we can provide the equipment & advice you need.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special Goal Zero Canada feature page.


Many of the products listed on this page are being offered at special discounts until the end of February. It’s a great time to get the solar charging equipment you need for your next expedition or family camping trip. Or instantly have a back-up power system for your home use!

Goal Zero Folding Solar Panels…

Crystalline solar cells for maximum efficiency.

Nomad 7 Plus v2 with Sunpower : 5/7W USB folding lightweight solar panel
Nomad 14 Plus with Sunpower : More power for all your USB devices
Nomad 28 Plus with Sunpower : All your USB & 12V devices covered

Nomad 7 : 5/7W USB/12V folding solar panel
Nomad 13 : 13W folding solar panel
Nomad 20 : 20W folding solar panel
Nomad 100 : 100W folding solar panel

Boulder 30 : 30W framed solar panel
Boulder 50 : 50W framed solar panel
Boulder 90 : 90W framed solar panel
Boulder 100 : 100W framed solar panel
Boulder 100 Briefcase : 100W folding solar panel
Boulder 200 : 200W framed solar panel (coming March 2018)

Goal Zero Solar Battery Packs…

Premium lithium chemistry, & traditional lead acid. USB & fully integrated AC/DC packs.

Switch 10 : Multi-Use USB Battery Pack
Flip 10 : Compact USB Battery Pack
Flip 20 : Larger USB Battery Pack
Flip 30 : Even larger USB battery pack
Venture 30 : Ruggedized USB battery pack
Venture 70 : Ruggedized USB battery pack with large capacity (New for 2017)

Sherpa 50 : 50WHr lithium pack
Sherpa 100 : 120WHr lithium pack

Yeti 150 : Solar storage AC/DC battery pack
Yeti 400 : Solar storage AC/DC battery pack
Yeti 1250 : Solar storage AC/DC battery pack
Lithium Yeti 400 : Popular AC/DC/USB Power Kit
Lithium Yeti 1400 : Popular AC/DC/USB Power Kit
Lithium Yeti 3000 : NEW! AC/DC/USB Power Kit for cabins, tiny houses, & emergency

Guide 10+ : 10WHr USB NiMh battery pack

Goal Zero Complete Portable Power Kits…

Purchase a complete kit when you want to save.

Switch 8 Solar Kit : Nomad 3.5 solar panel & Switch 8 battery
Guide10+ Mobile Kit : Nomad 3.5 solar panel & Guide10+ battery
Guide10+ Adventure Kit : Nomad 7 solar & Guide10+ battery
Venture 30 Kit : Nomad 7 solar with Venture 30 battery
Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit : 13.5W solar, 50WHr battery
Sherpa 100 Kit : Packable solar for everything including laptops
Yeti 1250 Solar Generator 90 Kit : Better than the core Yeti Kit

Goal Zero Lighting…

Innovations to put the electrons you collect to maximum use.

24004 : Light-A-Life 350 : Powerful 350 Lumen lamp
32002 : Light-A-Life Mini : Compact USB lantern
32001 : ighthouse 250 : Camp lantern & USB charger
32003 : Lighthouse Mini : Compact camping lantern & USB charger
90110 : Torch 250 : Solar & dynamo charged flashlight

Accessories, Cables, & Connectors…

90802A : Anderson chaining cable
90806A : 6mm output to anderson adaptor
90811A : 6mm output 12v CLA adaptor

90813A : 8mm Female to Aligator Clamp Connector Cable
90822A : 6mm 9’ extension cable with carabiner

91009 : Yeti 1250 Replacement Battery
91008 : Yeti 400 Replacement Battery
21901 : Yeti 150 Replacement Battery
21016 : Lithium Replacement Cell 18650 (for Lighthouse lanterns & Switch batteries)

91109 : Goal Zero Solar Tripod

98001 : Yeti 1250 Ring Terminal Chaining Cable (APP SB175)
98002 : Yeti Chaining Cable
98003 : Yeti 1250 Battery Clamp Chaining Cable (in stock – call)
98009 : 6mm male to alligator clamp
98010 : 6mm male to ring terminal adaptor
98011 : 6mm male to SAE connector

98012 : Goal Zero USB Smart Adaptor
98013 : Solar Panel Extension Cable with MC4 Connectors (25′)
98014 : MC4 to Anderson Connector Cable (solar panels to maximum Yeti input)
98015 : MC4 to 8mm Connector Cable (solar panels to Yeti Input)
98021 : Sherpa inverter car adaptor
98028 : Yeti 6′ Extension Cable (8mm)
98029 : Yeti 30′ Extension Cable (8mm)
: 12V DC Input Cable for Yeti battery packs (8mm)
98050 : Goal Zero 6mm to dual USB adaptor (12V)
98052 : 120V AC Power Supply for Sherpa Battery Packs
98053 : 120V AC Power Supply for Yeti 400/1250 Battery Packs (8mm)
98054 : Anderson to 8mm connector
98056 : 6mm Output Female CLA Adaptor
98060 : 4x 8mm Combiner to Anderson Connector
98063 : 8mm to SAE connector
98064 : APP Anderson 15’ extension cable
98066 : 8mm 30’ input extension (replaces 98029)
98101 : 6mm to USB connector

14003 : Goal Zero Guardian Charge Controller
14004 : Yeti Lithium Solar Charging Optimization Module

35002 : Goal Zero Quick Clips (2-pack)
Nomad to Extreme Battery Connector (4.7mm)

44060 : Yeti home integration kit

And there’s more…
We’re trying to get everything Goal Zero posted to the site, but it’s tough to keep-up. But rest assured, if it is listed here, we either have it, or can get it quickly.
Don’t see what you’re looking for on this page?
Need a legacy cable or connector?
Send us a note, and we’ll source it for you quickly!

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