Hanwha QCells Canada

he_hanwha_logoModern Outpost is a Canadian dealer of Hanwha solar panels.

Hanwha is recognized worldwide as a leading tier 1 solar panel manufacturer. Q.Cells solar modules are engineered in Germany, with advanced production facilities around the world. Superior products, economically priced.

Hanwha Q.Cells Solar Panels available in Canada…

Hanwha Solar HSC S255-60P : 255W 60 Cell, monocrystalline
Hanwha Solar Q.Peak BLK-G4.1 : 295W, 60Cell, Mono (black/black)
Hanwha Solar Q.Peak-G4.1 : 305W, 60Cell, Mono, Black/White
Hanwha Solar Q.Peak DUO G5.2 : 320W, 60Cell, Mono, Silver/White
Hanwha Solar Q.Peak DUO G5.2 : 325W, 60Cell, Mono, Black Frame
Hanwha Solar Qcells Q.PLUS L-G4.2 : 345W, 72 Cell, Silver/White
Hanwha Solar Qcells Q.PEAK L-G4.2 : 365W, 72-Cell, Silver/White
Hanwha Solar Qcells Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 : 385W, 72 Cell, Silver/White

German engineering backed by Korean financial strength. For Hanwha Q.Cells, photovoltaic technology is not just a product. It is the key to reliable, powerful, and sustainable energy supply – today & for future generations.

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