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Modern Outpost is pleased to offer our clients a wide selection of batteries from this Canadian company. HUB Power Ltd. is a privately-owned BC based company established in 2001, and provides quality batteries for solar & renewable energy projects such as cabins, homes, boats, yachts, RVs, and more.
HUB offers their batteries in 3 popular formats: Lithium (LiFePO4), Lead-Carbon, and standard sealed AGM lead-acid.
Please fee free to contact us with any questions regarding the suitability of HUB equipment for your project.


High-Performance Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Batteries above 100Ah feature cold temperature performance with integrated cell heating system which make them especially well-suited to our Canadian climate. Drop-in replacements for any lead-acid AGM battery you are currently using (do not mix lead-acid with Lithium in the same system!). Rack-Mount models provide closed-loop communications along with easy wiring options.
Certified to CB/CE, UN38.3, UL1973 standards, and feature a 10-year warranty

20Ah 12v lifepo4 battery

HUB-12.8V-20-LFP : 20Ah @ 12.8V
HUB-12.8V-30-LFP-U1 : 30Ah @ 12.8V
HUB-12.8V-40-LFP-U1 : 40Ah @ 12.8V
HUB-12.8V-50-LFP-U1 : 50Ah @ 12.8V

HUB-12.8V-120-LFP-GC lithium battery
HUB HUB-51.2V-100-LFP-RMH Rack lfp

HUB-12.8V-100-LFP-24 : 1280Wh, 100Ah @ 12.8V (BCI Group-24), Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-100-LFP-CT : 1280Wh, 100Ah @ 12.8V (BCI Group-24), Cold Temperature Cells
HUB-12.8V-120-LFP-31 : 1536Wh, 120Ah @ 12.8V (BCI Group-31), Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-120-LFP-GC : 1536Wh, 120Ah @ 12.8V (BCI GC2), Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-150-LFP-31 : 1920Wh, 150Ah @ 12.8V (BCI Group-31), Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-200-LFP : 2560Wh, 200Ah @ 12.8V, Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-300-LFP-8D : 3840Wh, 300Ah @ 12.8V (BCI 8D), Integrated heating
HUB-12.8V-400-LFP-8D : 5120Wh, 400Ah @ 12.8V (BCI 8D), Integrated heating
HUB-25.6V-60-LFP-GC : 1536Wh, 60Ah @ 25.6V (BCI GC2), Integrated heating
HUB-25.6V-200-LFP-8D : 5120Wh, 200Ah @ 25.6V (BCI 8D), Integrated heating
HUB-51.2V-100-LFP-8D : 5120Wh, 100Ah @ 51.2V (BCI 8D), Integrated heating
HUB-51.2V-100-LFP-RMH : 5120Wh, 100Ah @ 51.2V (Rack Mount), Integrated heating


Lead-Carbon Sealed AGM Batteries
Regarded as the best lead-acid format, with superior cycle life, depth of discharge, & partial-state-of-charge performance. Drop these in for any of your standard AGM batteries.

HUB-HC2-1000 2V lead-carbon battery
HUB-HC12-115 lead-Carbon battery

HC6-220 : 6V, 220Ah (BCI GC2)
HC6-240 : 6V, 240Ah (BCI GC2)
HC6-420 : 6V, 420Ah (BCI L16)
HC8-170 : 8V, 170Ah
HC12-30 : 12V, 30Ah
HC12-50 : 12V, 50Ah
HC12-75 : 12V, 75Ah (BCI Group-24)
HC12-100 : 12V, 100Ah (BCI Group-27)
HC12-115 : 12V, 115Ah (BCI Group-31)
HC12-140 : 12V, 140Ah
HC12-250 : 12V, 250Ah
HC2-1000 : 2V, 1000Ah 2kWh building block
HC2-2000 : 2V, 2000Ah 4kWh building block
HC2-1000-48 : 48V, 1000Ah Pre-Built Rack
Seismic Racking System : Available for HC2 series battery units


High-Performance AGM batteries for traditional equipment systems.

HUB-HBGC-220 AGM battery

HB31-120 : 12V, 120Ah (BCI Group-31)
HBGC2-220 : 6V, 220Ah (BCI GC2 ‘Golf Cart’)
HBL16-420 : 6V, 420Ah (BCI L16)