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When it comes to portable electrical systems, Hybrid Power Solutions (HPS) is more than your Canadian solution. It’s the advanced, uncompromising choice. HPS equipment is replacing old gas generators all across the country. Instead of noise, pollution, & fumes on your job site, you have clean, quiet, reliable solar & battery power. Say goodbye to fuel transport & storage!

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Modern Outpost’s long experience with portable power applications has led us to partner with HPS. Their advanced batteries and uniquely Canadian integrations provide the power needed at remote job sites including research stations, camps, exploration, environmental research, emergency response, and military projects. Rugged, and designed in Canada for Canadian locations. Assembled in Ontario, with support based right here in Canada.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special Hybrid Power Solutions feature page.

HPS Portable Power Packs…
HPS Batt Pack cart

BattPack Energy
4000W inverter, 2.5kWh battery, rugged pelican-style case

BattPack Pro
5,000W inverter, 5.1kWh battery, rugged pelican-style case

BattPack Jupiter
7000W 120/240VAC inverter, 7.2 kWh battery, rugged cart

PT14 cold-weather lithium lifepo4 battery for off-grid, grid-tie, back-up
HPS Solar Batteries…

PT14 Advanced : 14kWh LiFePO4 battery with cell heater & monitoring
PT5 Advanced : 5kWh LiFePO4 battery with cell heater & monitoring

HPS Solar Inverters…

Power Tower 6K : 6kW of power, Canadian designed
Sol-Ark 8K : Advanced 8kW all-in-one hybrid inverter
Sol-Ark 12K : Advanced 12kW all-in-one hybrid inverter
Sol-Ark 15K : Advanced 15kW all-in-one hybrid inverter

HPS Solar Panels…

425W Folding Portable Solar : The most power in a portable format

HPS System Accessories…

Vehicle Charger Kit for BPP – Fast Charge
Vehicle Charger Kit for BPE – Trickle Charge (CLA)
Vehicle Charger Kit for BPE – Fast Charge
“Off-Road” Carrier for BPP
“Off-Road” Carrier for BPE
6:2 Circuit Combiner Box
Conduit Cap – PT5 Battery
Conduit Cap – Power Tower