Ironridge Canada

Modern Outpost is pleased to be able to offer the complete Ironridge catalogue of solar mounting equipment to Canadians. Ironridge designs and manufactures innovative structural hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For nearly 20 years, they have worked closely with solar professionals across the globe to build products that are strong, simple and cost-effective.

Ironridge presents 3 main advantages: simplicity, strength, aesthetics.
No longer do residential roof-mounted arrays need to look like an industrial project.Ironridge installation

  • Strength Tested
    All components evaluated for superior structural performance.
  • Class A Fire Rating
    Certified to maintain the fire resistance rating of the existing roof.
  • UL 2703 Listed System
    Entire system and components meet newest effective UL 2703 standard.
  • PE Certified
    Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states
  • 20-Year Warranty
    Twice the protection offered by most competitors.

We hope you find the equipment you need on this Ironridge Canada feature page. Feel free to contact us for a specific system quotation.

Pitched Roof Solutions

Ironridge XR Railsironridge xr rails
The Ironridge unique curved profile increases structural strength and spanning capability, allowing for fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective system designs.
XR Rails are available in three targeted sizes: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. Each size supports specific design loads & spans, while minimizing material costs.
Available Lengths :
XR10 : 132″, 168″, 204″
XR100 : 132″, 168″, 204″
XR1000 : 132″, 168″, 204″
Available Finishes : Clear, Black

End Caps :
Provide a finished look for rails while preventing debris buildup.
Available for all Ironridge rail sizes.
Colour: Black

Bonded Rail Splices :
XR Rails use internal splices for seamless connections.
XR10 Splice BOSS
XR100 Splice BOSS
XR1000 Splice BOSS

ironridge ufo comparison

Competitor vs UFO


UFO Module Clamps :
‘Universal Fastening Objects’ bond modules to rails, at both mid-clamp & end-clamp locations. Nice rounded finish. One fastener does it all!
• Fully assembled & lubed
• Single, universal size
• Clear & black finish

Stopper Sleeves :
Snap onto the UFO to turn into a bonded end clamp.
• Bonds modules to rails
• 6 different sizes to fit any module
• Clear & black anod. finish

CAMO Module End Clamp :
The way to hide the end clamp underneath the module, thereby finishing the array flush to the end of the rails for the best aesthetics.

Grounding Lugs : Connect arrays to equipment ground.

MLPE Attachment Hardware :
Mount your Enphase, APSystems, Magnum, or Lead Solar micro inverters or SolarEdge, or Tigo power optimizers to XR rails.
• Bonds devices to rails
• Kit comes assembled
• Listed to UL 2703

FlashFoot2 :
Flash and mount XR Rails with superior waterproofing.
• Twist-on Cap eases install
• Wind-driven rain tested
• Mill & black finish

Slotted L-Feet :
Drop-in design for rapid rail attachment.
• Secure rail connections
• Slot for vertical adjusting
• Clear & black anod. nish

Bonding Hardware :
Bond and attach XR Rails to certified attachments.
T-Bolt or Square-Bolt

Flush Standoffs :
4″ & 7″ options

Tilt Legs :
Tilt assembly to desired angle, up to 30 degrees. Kits include South and North Tilt Leg and all hardware.
• Available in multiple lengths for a wide angle range
• Assembled South Tilt Legs include angle indicators
• Legs are electrically bonded to rails

All Tile Hook : Works with ‘W’, ‘S’, and Flat roof tiles
All Tile Hook Flashing

Flat Roof & Low-Slope Solutions

BX Ballasted Roof System
The BX Chassis is engineered for extreme structural loading, yet is also shaped to be roof-friendly and easy to install.
UL 2703 Listed System :  Entire system and components meet newest effective UL 2703 standard.
25-Year Warranty

10-Degree Pitch Chassis
5-Degree Chassis
Top Clamps
Bottom Clamps
MLPE Bonding Hardware
Grounding Lug
8″ Module Bonding JUmper
38″ Inter-Row Bonding Jumper
Cable Tie Wire Management
Edge Clip Cable Tie Wire Management
String Inverter Mounting Kit

QBase for Low-Slope
QBase Flashing Guidelines

Ground Mount System

Pipe Bonded Rail Connector : Properly connect rails to E-W Pipe substructure
Pipe Top Caps : Secure E-W pipe substructure to pipe piers

Wire Management

Conduit Support Attachment

Wire Clips :
Organize electrical wires from the rail’s top slot.