JinkoSolar Canada

Jinko solar canada

JinkoSolar is a leading global manufacturer of solar modules. Ranked #5 on the 2016/17 SVTC.org’s Solar Scorecard of the most ethical module producers, Modern Outpost is pleased to offer Jinko products to our clients.

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) sells internationally, and is vertically integrated, which provides greater control over all aspects of module production & distribution. The company has a production capacity of 3.5GW for silicon wafers, and over 6.5GW for finished solar modules (2016).

JinkoSolar’s module product lines…
Eagle : Flagship 60 & 72-cell poly modules. Built for the harshest conditions.
Eagle PERC : Mono-PERC edition of the popular Eagle line

Jinko Solar Modules currently available through Modern Outpost…
(we do our best to keep this list up-to-date)

JKM315M-60L : Eagle 315W 60 Cell Mono PERC Silver/White
JKM315M-60HBL : 315W 120 Half-Cell Mono Black/Black
JKM320M-60HBL : 320W 120 Half-Cell Mono Black/Black
JKM325M-60HBL : 325W 120 Half-Cell Mono Black/Black
JKM330M-60HBL : 330W 120 Half-Cell Mono Black/Black

JKM380M-72L-V : 380W Mono Silver/White
JKM385M-72L-V : 385W Mono PERC Silver/White
JKM390M-72HL-V : 390W Half-Cell Mono Silver/White
JKM390M-72HL-TV : 390W Half-Cell Mono PERC Bifacial Silver
JKM395M-72HL-V : 395W 144 Half-Cell Mono Silver/White
JKM400M-72HL-V : 400W 144 Half-Cell Mono Silver/White
JKM400M-72HL-TV : 400W Half-Cell Mono PERC Bifacial Silver
JKM405M-72HL-V : 405W 144 Half-Cell Mono Silver/White

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