LG Solar Canada

lg solar panels canadaModern Outpost carries a selection of premium LG Solar products here in Canada. LG Solar is the recognized world leader in module power production, always pushing the limits of efficiency. As a result, available models change fairly quickly.
If there is a particular LG Solar module model that you are interested in, please email us and we’ll track it down for you, or find a current equivalent LG product.
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LG Solar Modules (list updated April 2020)

LG410N2W-V5 : 410W, 72-Cell, Mono

LG400N2W-A5 : 400W, 72-Cell, Mono

LG390N2T-A5 : 390W, Bifacial, 72-Cell, Mono

LG380N2T-A5 : 380W, Bifacial, 72-Cell, Mono

LG375N2W-G4 : 375W, 72 Cell, Mono – Email for price & avail

LG370Q1C-V5 : 370W, NeON-R, 60-Cell, Mono

LG365Q1C-A5 : 365W, NeON-R, 60 Cell, Mono

LG360Q1K-V5 : 360W, NeON-R, 60-Cell, Mono, All-Black

LG355Q1C-V5 : 355W, NeON-R, 60-Cell, Mono

LG350Q1C-A5 : 350W, NeON-R, 60-Cell, Mono

LG345N1C-V5 : 345W, 60-Cell, Mono

LG335N1C-V5 : 335W, 60-Cell, Mono

LG330N1C-V5 : 330W, 60-Cell, Mono

LG330N1C-A5 : 330W, 60-Cell, Mono

LG325N1K-V5 : 325W, 60-Cell, Mono, All-Black

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Get in touch with us today if there is a particular LG Solar module you are interested in, or if you would like additional information & help in designing your solar installation.