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lumos_sig_logo_wslogan_10yr_v2You’re looking at solar for your home or business, and want your system to be something special. You want a system with a more sophisticated appearance than standard solar installations. One with a smooth, aesthetically pleasing look.
We’d like to introduce you to Lumos Solar.

Lumos is the US-based manufacturer of premium frameless solar modules & integrated racking systems. With frameless panels, your project will look elegant, sleek, and still generate the power you are looking for. It’s all about aesthetics, with hidden wireways, and through-bolt attachments.

Integrate Lumos panels into your next building project…
  • Rooftop Solar arrayslumos LSX roof traditional exterior
    Rails are hidden under the panels, giving the appearance that your solar array is hovering over your roof.
  • Decks, Patios, & Gazebos
    Need a canopy for a patio, deck, or gazebo? Why not make it a partial skylight that generates power for you to sell back to your utility?
  • Car Ports
    Got an electric car? It’s easy to create a sleek car shelter from tiber framing or pre-designed Lumos Solar Scapes, and make the roof an attractive power-generating system. Even if you don’t have an electric car, make your carport roof an asset to your home beyond just being a mere parking space.
  • Awnings & Skylightslumos_deck_roof
    Imagine street-side awnings that offset your utility bills. Or Skylights that do more to enhance your ambiance.

The possibilities are almost endless. We are here to help you design & build your solar project with style. We are your Lumos Solar dealer.


LSX Series Frameless Solar Moduleslumos LSX frameless solar module

The flagship product in the Lumos line is the LSX module. A full-size, standard 60-cell monocrystalline solar panel built with the utmost attention to quality & detail. Integrates with all solar equipment manufacturers’ products as with standard fame modules. The LSX modules feature through-bolt mounting for simple, fast installation on a module-by-module basis.
High-efficiency, superior aesthetics, and simplified installation.

LSX 280-60M-C : 280 Watt, 60-cell, monocrystalline, clear back panel

  • Frameless & Low Profilelumos features frameless
    The low profile of LSX frameless modules sets them apart from any other module on the market.
  • 6mm Thick Glass
    By achieving Class 4 Hail Rating the LSX module is the most impact resistant in the industry
  • lumos features boltThrough-Bolt Mounting Method
    Securely mount Lumos LSX modules through the module glass to maintain the aesthetically pleasing low-profile appearance. Unlike traditional mounting systems, each LSX module is individually mounted, expediting installation & maintenance.
  • Integrated Rail System
    Ensures proper module alignment every time and LSX Rail can be fastened to virtually any structure with minimal sub-components.
  • Integrated Wirewaylumos features wireway
    The built-in LSX Rail wireway allows for easy wire management without compromising aesthetics.
  • Seam Weatherproofing
    When used as a canopy roof, then Lumos LSX is the only module system in the industry that can be sealed with minimal hassle.
LSX Series Mounting Rails

The Lumos LSX Rail 1.1 is designed for use exclusively with the LSX solar modules. Mounting holes, integrated hidden wireway, & easy microinverter or optimizer attachment, make them quick & easy to install. Attach directly to any structure, or use flashed footings of your choosing (see our selection of premium roof attachments by Quick Mount PV & SnapNRack to handle any roof attachment challenge).

LSX Rails are available in various lengths to help you design the arrays you want…


GSX Series Architectural Solar Modules

Welcome to the GSX Bifi Module System. The GSX Module System consists of the Lumos GSX Bifi Glass-Glass Solar Module and GSX Mounting System.  GSX Modules use bifacial solar cells allowing them to produce energy on both the sunny side and the back side of the module. The GSX Module System provides integrated weatherproofing and completely conceals junction boxes and conductors.  The GSX Bifi System is unparalleled in the solar industry today.

GSX Module System Featureslumos gsx awning facade

  • Weatherproof
  • Bifacial Cells
  • Glass Glass Construction
  • PID Free
  • No ground lugs and no continuous module equipment ground
  • Constrained Module Positioning
  • Completely concealed junction box and c

GSX 2.0 360W-72M : 360 Watt, 72-cell, monocrystalline, clear

Lumos Solar Juice Bar

lumos juicebar solar charging stationThe Solar Juice Bar is a stand alone solar charging station that can be installed anywhere. Each unit is easy to assemble and install, leaving you with a beautiful, complimenting addition to your building and providing an value added benefit to you and your customers.

Where can the Solar Juice Bar utilized?

  • Bus Stops, Train Stops, Airports
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Beach Side
  • Hospitality and Resorts
  • Corporate and Educational Campuses
  • Festivals
  • Municipalities
  • Anywhere you or your visitors need to get a charge

Priced at: $11,900 CAD (all freight included to your site)
Volume discounts are available for additional units.
Contact us for a formal quotation.


lumos solarscapes smallSolarScapes are the solution to the most demanding solar design and installation challenges.

Building on the design that won Dwell on Design’s Best Energy Product in 2012, SolarScapes are modular, pre-fabricated solar structure solutions that are infinitely configurable to meet the needs of any project.


  • Solar Patio Covers
  • Solar Carports
  • Solar EV Charging Stations
  • Solar Covered Walkways
  • Solar Covered Picnic Areas
  • Solar Bus Stop Shelters
  • and more

Simply provide a few pieces of information about your project and we will take care of the rest. Deliverables include…

  • Fully Fabricated Structure
  • LSX Frameless Solar module system
  • Mounting Components and Hardware
  • Engineering/Structural Wet Stamped Permit Package Included

Prices start @ $6/Watt
Contact us to discuss your project & obtain a formal quotation

Questions? Design Assistance?

lumos-certified-proGet in touch with us today to discuss your next solar project where design & aesthetics are paramount.
Check out the Lumos website for inspiration!

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