Lynac Lithium Batteries Canada

Modern Outpost is pleased to offer the Lynac Lithium Technology product line across Canada. From Lynac’s innovative SolarWall batteries, to their Platinum Series incorporating heaters, comm ports, and status LEDs, to the highly practical True Series, and all the accessories you need to make your energy system complete.
Lynac uses premium LFP cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4).

lynac lithium battery technology Canada

Up to 10kWh of storage in a convenient form factor that fits nicely on garage walls, or inside cabinets.
SolarWall 48/200 : 10kWh Wall-Mounted Lithium Battery
SolarWall 24/200
: 5kWh Wall-Mounted Lithium Battery

Platinum Series
The best of the best. Tough aluminum casings, serial & comm ports, built-in LED status indicators, as well as optional features such as Bluetooth, external LCD monitors, and internal heating pads.
Platinum 48/72
Platinum 12/150
Platinum 12/110

True Series
With 20% more energy than labeled, these monsters will give you every last drop of power out of your batteries.
True 12/42
True 12/60
True 12/100
True 12/100-SMART

True 12/200
True 24/100

Rocket Packs
Small but mighty, perfect for Hobbyists, E-Bikes, HAM radio systems, or Scooters. These supercharged batteries won’t disappoint.
Rocket 48V 10.8Ah : 550Wh
Rocket 12V 6Ah : 76Wh

Standard Batteries
Ideal as drop-in replacements for your tired old sealed lead-acid (SLA) or AGM batteries.
12V, 9Ah : 115Wh
12V, 14.4Ah : 184Wh
12V, 30Ah : 384Wh
12V, 42Ah : 537Wh

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