How Do I Use A USB Solar Panel?

A quick “How-To” for those new to portable solar…

How do you use a USB solar panel or charger to keep your USB equipment & cameras running everywhere you go?
Simple. Start by asking us what the best USB solar panel is to meet your particular needs. We’ll look at your power demands, your destination(s), and time of year that you like to travel, and suggest the best options for you.

Once you have your solar charger, here’s how it works…
vc solar usb regulator phone chargerPut the solar panel in sunlight or even bright daylight. Immediately, the panel starts to generate power. Plug in your USB device just like you would plug it into any USB port on your computer or wall adaptor. The USB solar panel will send the power to your device at a rate determined by your device.
That’s all there is to it!

Is it safe for my phone & other USB devices?

Yes. The power from the panel follows USB standards, and your phone or other device will determine how much power to take, and when to stop charging. Exactly the same as charging from any other USB port. Zero chance of overcharging your device.

What if my phone, GPS, camera, or other device doesn’t recognize the solar panel’s power?

solar camera charger using kickr 2, prime 4400, varioIn some cases, if your USB device is fussy, it won’t accept being connected to a low-power or variable power source like solar. In these cases, simply use a USB solar storage battery in between the solar panel & your device. The solar panel will trickle charge the solar battery throughout the day. Meanwhile, you can plug your devices into the solar storage battery at any time without interrupting the solar charger. Your devices will draw their happiest level of power from the solar battery. This is the recommended solution for trekkers who never know when they will be able to plug in & charge

What about charging camera batteries & rechargeable AA & AAA batteries?

The battery charger that came with your camera is meant to plug into a wall, and will not work with the USB output of a USB solar panel. BUT, have no fear, there are products that are designed to charge all types of batteries from USB sources. We have chargers that handle small camera batteries, large dSLR & camcorder batteries, plus AA & AAA NiMh rechargeables.

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