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Powerfilm Solar CanadaPowerfilm Solar Canada is here… your source for the leading name in flexible, foldable, thin film solar panels. Powerfilm manufactures state of the art flexible solar chargers for wilderness applications. Powerfilm solar offers premium quality gear and backs it all with exceptional service & warranty coverage.

We have been working with Powerfilm solar products right here in Canada for over 12 years. Designing Powerfilm solar panels into practical, lightweight, portable solar power systems is a big part of what we do.
We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special Powerfilm Solar Canada feature page.

Powerfilm Folding Flexible Solar Panels…

Ideal for camps & backpacking in partial shade & high latitude

PowerFilm 20 Watt Folding Solar PanelPowerFilm 5 (F15-300) : 5 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 10 (F15-600) : 10 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 20 (F16-1200) : 20 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 30 (F16-1800) : 30 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 60 (F16-3600) : 60 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 90 (F16-5400) : 90 Watt solar panel
PowerFilm 120 (F16-7200) : 120 Watt solar panel
Solar Quad 220 (F16-14400-ACU) : 220 Watt 16V solar panel
Solar Quad 220 (F32-7200-ACU) : 220 Watt 32V solar panel

Powerfilm Rollable Solar Panels…

Ideal for kayaks, boats, harsh environments & messy weather

PowerFilm 28 Watt Rollable Solar PanelPowerFilm R7 : 7 Watt marine-grade solar panel
PowerFilm R14 : 14 Watt marine-grade solar panel
PowerFilm R21 : 21 Watt marine-grade solar panel
PowerFilm R28 : 28 Watt marine-grade solar panel
PowerFilm R42 : 42 Watt marine-grade solar panel
PowerFilm R60 : 60 Watt marine-grade solar panel

Powerfilm Small Solar Chargers…

Ideal for short treks & personal use

powerfilm LightSaver roll out USB solar chargerLightSaver : USB Solar Charger with Lithium power bank NEW!
LightSaver MAX
: Powerful 10W + 60WHr pack solution. NEW!

USB+AA Solar Charger
Solar AA Battery Charger

Soltronix Semi-Flexible Solar Panels…

New from Powerfilm : ideal for boats & RVs looking to maximize power in a convenient, low-profile, minimized footprint.

Soltronix 45W Solar Panel by powerfilmSoltronix 24W (RP-8F13.7V) :
24 Watt, semi-flexible crystalline solar module : $269 CAD
Soltronix 45W (RP-15F13.7V) :
45 Watt, semi-flexible crystalline solar module : $415 CAD
Soltronix 100W (RP-32F16.6V) :
100 Watt, semi-flexible crystalline solar module : $699 CAD

Powerfilm Solar Field Shelters…

grid independence for military camps, expeditions, and field work

PowerShade (1kW)
PowerShade (2kW)

Powerfilm Accessories…

Cables, chargers, & more

Powerfilm PP-7 : Multi-Device Charger CableRA-1: 12V Plug
RA-2: 12V Socket
RA-6: DaisyChain Cable
RA-7: Extension Cable
RA-8: Aligator Clamp
RA-9: Charge Controller
RA-11: O-Ring Cable
RA-13: Anderson Power Pole Connector
RA-16: 4.75mm Barrel
PP-7: Output Splitter Cable

* A female 12V CLA socket (like the outlet in your car dashboard) is included with your PowerFilm solar panel (accessory A02 above).
* The PowerFilm ‘rollable’ panels also include a 15′ extension cable with ‘O’ Ring terminal connectors.

Powerfilm OEM Solar Modules…

Wireless Electronics Solar Module Series : for DIY solar projects
Powerfilm Solar Cell Module : MPT6-150SP3-37 : 3V, 22mA
MP3-25 : 3V, 25mA
MP3-37 : 3V, 50mA
MPT3.6-75 : 3V, 50mA
MPT3.6-150 : 3.6V, 100mA
SP4.2-37 : 4.2V, 22mA
MPT4.8-75 : 4.8V, 50mA
MPT4.8-150 : 4.8V, 100mA
MPT6-75 : 6V, 50mA
MPT6-150 : 6V, 100mA
MP7.2-75F : 7.2V, 100mA
MP7.2-150F : 7.2V, 150mA
MPT15-75F : 15.4V, 50mA
MPT15-150F : 15.4V, 100mA

WeatherPro Series : the perfect choice for permanent outdoor applications
P7.2-75 : 7.2V, 100mA
P7.2-150 : 7.2V, 200mA
PT15-75 : 15.4V, 50mA
PT15-150 : 15.4V, 100mA
PT15-300 : 15.4V, 200mA

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