Powertraveller Canada

For more than 15 years, Powertraveller has been at the forefront of portable power. Based in Britain, the company is a leading European provider of portable power solutions for travellers, mountaineers, bikers, and trekkers.

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Powertraveller, is on a mission to enable people to get the most out of the time spent outdoors. From basic communications & photography, to keeping important navigational equipment operating. The company’s line of solar chargers & battery packs are built to last, and feature design, functionality, and construction beyond what any cheap knock-off could hope to reproduce.

Powertraveller is also an avid supporter of “power for wildlife”.  We provide wildlife crime prevention organizations including The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, the Uganda Conservation Foundation and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with portable chargers enabling game rangers and wardens to keep lines of communication open whilst on anti-poaching patrols.

Modern Outpost is proud to be a Canadian dealer for Powertraveller, with full catalogue sales & product support.
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Folding High-Efficiency Solar Panels
powertraveller falcon 21 open

Falcon 7 : 7W USB solar panel
Falcon 21 : 21W USB & laptop solar panel
Falcon 40 : 40W USB & laptop solar panel
Extreme Solar : 5W USB clamshell solar panel

Bundled Solar Kits
powertraveller extreme solar kit outdoor

Extreme Solar Kit : 5W USB solar with 44Wh rugged battery pack
Sport 25 Kit : Falcon 7 solar panel with Sport 25 battery pack

Battery Packs
powertraveller sport 25 usb battery pack led

Merlin 15 : USB Battery & LED flashlight (15Wh)
Sport 25 : Ruggedized USB battery pack (25Wh)
Harrier 25 : Wireless USB/USBc pack (25Wh)
Swift 40 : Slim USB battery bank (40Wh)
Mini-G : Ultra-slim multi-voltage 45Wh battery
RedStart : The emergency battery for cars/trucks
Condor AC : AC/DC battery pack (100Wh)

Close-Out Deals…
Explorer 2 : Waterproof USB battery
LightMonkey : Handy USB utility light