Powerwerx Canada

Modern Outpost is your Canadian source for Powerwerx power products. We stock a wide range of their cables, meters, charge controllers, and solar panels. This is also the place where you can find quality connectors & tools at the right price without crossing the border.
Let us know if you don’t find the Powerwerx product you’re looking for, and we’ll order it in for you.

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Solar Panels & Charge Controllers

FSP-60W : Folding Portable 60W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline
FSP-110W : Folding Portable 110W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline
FSP-160W : Folding Portable 160W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline
FSP-300W : Folding Portable 300W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline
MPPT-150-14.6 : 150W Solar Charge Controller for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
MPPT-300-14.6 : 300W Solar Charge Controller for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries

Adaptors & Extension Cables

GZ-98001 : Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Ring Terminal Cable by Powerwerx
GZ-98002 : Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Chaining Cable by Powerwerx
PP-2-MC4 : MC4 to APP45 Adaptor Cable (side-by-side config)
GZ-98054 : APP45 to 8MM Adaptor Cable (Goal Zero replacement)
GZ-98015 : APP45 to 8MM Adaptor Cable (Goal Zero 98015 repl)
GZ-98014 : MC4 to 8MM Adaptor Cable (Goal Zero 98014 repl)
EXMC4-10-10 : MC4 Extension Cable Pair – 10ft, #10AWG PV Cable
EXMC4-10-25 : MC4 Extension Cable Pair – 25ft, #10AWG PV Cable
CIGBUDDY : 12V CLA to APP45 Plug Adaptor
CGPP-18 : Cigarette Lighter Plug to Powerpole Connector 18″ Cable
DC21ST : 2.1mm DC Coaxial Power Plug to Powerpole Adapter 6 ft.
DC21RA : 2.1mm DC Coaxial to Powerpole Adapter 6 ft., Right Angle
PSC-10-38 : APP45 to 3/8″ O-Ring Terminal Cable
RGH-10 : Dual ATC Style Fuse Holder w/ Ring Terminals APP45
PP-2-F2 : APP45 to F-Type Battery Terminal Connector Cable
PP-2-BARE : APP45 to Bare Wire Cable
BEXPP-12 : Bullet/SAE connector to Powerpole adapter
(use with P3 & Coleman solar modules connecting to Goal Zero Yeti packs)

Battery Boxes, Meters, & Chargers

MEGAbox : Portable Power Box for 30-70Ah Bioenno Batteries
PWRbox : Portable Power Box for 12-40Ah Bioenno Batteries

WMPlus : Watt Meter Plus, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 75A
WattMeter : Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 45A, MC4, Bare, APP45
PanelAmp : Panel Mount Digital Combo Meter, 12/24V, Blue
PanelDVM : Panel Mount Digital Volt Meter for 12/24V
PanelVolt : Panel Mount Digital Volt Meter with Graphic Display
PanelQCUSBC : Combination USB QC 3.0 & USB-C Power Delivery (PD)
PANELUSB-PLUS : Panel Mount Dual USB 4.8A Charging Ports
USBBUDDY : Powerpole (12V) to USB (5V) Converter & Device Charger

Anderson Powerpole® and SB® Connectors

The versatile Powerpole® and SB® connector series invented by Anderson Power Products meet a wide range of power connection needs. A variety of Powerpole® products can handle 15 amps up to 350 amps and accommodate wires from 20 gauge to 4/0 AWG.
These are original manufacturer parts – not knock-offs!

PP15-10 : 15A APP 10-Pair Unassembled Set with Roll Pin
PP30-10 : 30A APP 10-Pair SetU nassembled Set with Roll Pin
PP45-10 : 45A APP 10-Pair Set Unassembled Set with Roll Pin
PP75 : 75A APP 2-Pair Unassembled Set with Roll Pin (choose wire gauge)
PP120 : 120A APP 2-Pair Unassembled Set with Roll Pin (choose wire gauge)
PCLIP : APP Retention Clips (Direct replacement for Anderson 110G68)
SB50 Sets : 50A Bullet-Style Connector Set – All colours
SB120 Sets : 120A Bullet-Style Connector Set – All colours
SB175 Sets : 175A APP Bullet-style Connector Set All colours
SB350 Sets : 350A Bullet-Style Connector Set – All colours
MISC-APP : Anderson panels, boots, & plugs
PANELPOLE : Panel Mount Housing for Two Powerpole Terminals
TRIcrimp : APP crimping tool for 15/30/45A connectors
CT-75 : Crimping Tool for 75 amp Powerpole and SB50 SB Series

Switches, Breakers, Power Posts, Wire, And More

We carry many of Powerwerx’s extensive line of wiring components. If you don’t see what you need, send us a note and we’ll get it on the next inbound!
PANELSW-RED / BLUE : Panel Switch (red or black)
PanelHDSW : High-Amp Panel Switch 100A
PanelHDSW-K : High-Amp Panel Switch 100A with Removable Knob
CRIMPFUSE : Crimpable ATO/ATC Fuse Holder
FB-06 : 6 Circuit ATC/ATO Blade Fuse Block with Cover
CBATC : Resettable Breakers in ATO/ATC Blade Format 10,15,20,25,30A
HDBP75A : Heavy Duty Binding Post (Pair)
East Penn / Deka 03668 : Double Threaded Bolt For Direct Auxiliary Battery Connection
PANELCIG : Panel Mount Cigarette Lighter Socket Automotive Marine Grade
175-S3-200-2 : Mechanical Products Surface Mount Circuit Breaker 200A

Back-Up Power System Components

BPS702 : Automatic Backup Power Selector for Redundancy, 70 Amps
EpicPWRgate : 12V Backup Power System from West Mountain Radio
Epic-H-PWRgate : 12V Backup Power System with Straight APP
PG40S : Super PWRgate PG40S Backup Power Switching and Charging System
NP-12 : Newmar NP-12 NAV-PAC – DC Power Conditioner, Mobile UPS 12V backup
MDP-25 : Newmar MDP-25 Mobile DC UPS Backup Power System