Going on an extended trip to a remote place? Spending time in an African village? Part of a humanitarian aid mission? These are the portable power systems designed for you.

Efficient crystalline panels take advantage of strong tropical & equatorial sunshine. Minimized system size means easy packing & clearance through airports. Simple plug-n-play connections make set-up a task that takes only a few seconds.

The Rural Lighting packages on this page are an alternative to traditional, bulky, 12V car-battery/deep-cycle-battery systems. With the continued evolution of LED as the best lumens-per-watt lighting option, the opportunity exists to power lighting from smaller & smaller solar systems.
The equations that matter…
Lumens per Watt
Dollars per Watt
Kilograms per system
Hours per installation
All point to USB-based solar lighting as the most economical option.

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