Packable USB Battery Packs

Packable USB Battery Packs

This department is all about the battery packs uniquely designed for USB. These charge from USB, and power USB devices. Simple, compact, and easy to use with your small electronics.
Your devices manage their own desired charging rate, so port outputs from 1A up through 2.4A & higher will work with any device.
All batteries here are Apple compatible.

We only source USB battery packs that offer the advanced control of pass-through charging. This means that the battery will charge your device while it is also being charged from a source.

Be aware that those slick bargain USB battery packs at Amazon & the big box stores do not offer this level of sophistication… they will not charge your device while they are being charged. Even if they have a solar option, if they don’t explicitly say they are pass-through, they are not.
We expect better mobility from our battery packs!

Choose your next USB battery pack wisely – trust the brands & models on this page. Just like all the Nepal trekkers, National Geographic photographers, and university researchers we have supported over the past 12+ years.

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