NiMh Cells AA/AAA/C/D/9V

NiMh Cells AA/AAA/C/D/9V

You can get NiMh batteries just about anywhere. But the ones you see at the big box store & hardware store are the standard versions. These will self-discharge at a rate of about 30% per month. This means that your emergency flashlight will likely not be ready to use when you need it. Your radio will not last very long when you turn it on after a few weeks on the shelf. You like the environmental concept of rechargeable batteries, but not the hassle of putting them in the charger every time you want to use them.

So, Modern Outpost only offers the very latest NiMh technology. The rechargeable batteries we carry incorporate advanced electrolyte & construction that results in a charge retention closer to that of lithium. 80% capacity or more after a year of storage is normal. Best of all, this improved performance comes at the same price as the standard cells!

Can you use these advanced NiMh batteries in your existing NiMh/NiCd charger? Yes!
They work exactly like your old standard rechargeables… only better.

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