Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers to properly charge your deep cycle batteries from solar panels.

When do you need one of these?
When you are planning to connect a solar panel directly to a deep-cycle lead-acid battery such as a golf cart battery, deep-cycle marine battery, and AGM/Gel type sealed lead-acid battery packs.

Do you need to use one with lithium battery packs?
Yes. Lithium chemistry is very specific about its needs. Both charging voltage & current, as well as discharging current.
Small Lithium battery packs for handheld electronics come with their own built-in charge control circuitry, so they don’t need a charge controller.

Choosing a size…
Select a charge controller that matches the amount of solar power you are connecting, plus a bit of room for over-performance. You may also want to leave room for future expansion.

Which charging technology is best?
Use MPPT controllers for larger arrays where maximum power yield is essential.
Use PWM controllers for systems with larger battery banks, and/or stand-by systems that spend quite a bit of their time in a ‘full’ state.
Use basic relay controllers for small, simple systems where low cost & zero power consumption are the most important factors.

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