Test: Powerfilm R-14 & Voltaic V60

A quick report of charging a Voltaic V60 battery pack from a Powerfilm R-14 rollable solar panel…

Solar Panel : Powerfilm R-14
Battery Pack : Voltaic V60
Connectors : Stock CLA connectors provided with the panel & battery
Mounting : 30-Degree slope, facing due south

Date : April 3, 2013
Location: Courtenay, BC, approx latitude 50 degrees north
Weather : Bright overcast
Test duration : 5hrs (10:30am – 3:30pm)

The battery started out with 2 of its 5 status lights, indicating a charge status of approx 40%. At the conclusion of the test, the battery had all 5 status lights turning on in sequence, which would indicate it was in the 90% state-of-charge range. Therefore approx 50% of the battery’s capacity was added over the 5 hour period.
The V60’s capacity is 60 Watt-Hours, so a 50% charge would amount to 30 Watt-Hours.
This result would indicate that the Powerfilm panel was producing an average 6 Watts of power over the duration of the test, which equates to 43% of its rated output. Given the weather conditions, this was an excellent result.

I was very pleased with the results of this test. Not only did the Powerfilm panel perform well under the conditions, but the Voltaic V60 battery appears to be very efficient at storing the power it receives. In summer sunshine, this same time period would completely fill the V60.
I have no reservations about recommending this panel & battery pack combination.

Note: This was a static test. The Powerfilm R-14 will achieve nominal charging voltage for the V60 in as little as 10% of full sunshine. Be aware that panel orientation, obstruction, time of day, and weather conditions will all affect the performance.

This equipment is available as a complete kit. Perfect for kayaking, canoeing, and wet environments… See the Kayak 14 with upgraded Voltaic V72 battery pack.

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