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This is continually updated, because every year something cool emerges. Either it’s new efficiencies, or it’s new battery capacities, or new connector formats.
Last Update : December 11, 2018
I want you to avoid giving, or receiving, a solar charger that doesn’t do the job. I will assume that you are looking for a solar charger that really works, not just a novelty piece of plastic.

So, without further introduction, here are some ideas that actually work (note that you likely won’t find these at the big box stores… honestly, they don’t know what a solar charger does)
LightSaver by Powerfilm Solar
Small, lightweight, sensitive, and the solar storage battery is built-in. So you get reliable charging in the widest range of sunlight conditions possible for all your small USB devices.
Fuse 6W by Voltaic Systems
This nifty little solar charger case packs a solar panel & solar storage battery in a rugged zippered case that can attach to any backpack or bike panier rack. It has room to store your iPod, iPhone, GPS, or other small USB device safely inside. Best of all, Voltaic didn’t skip on performance… this package has 10-times the power of typical pocket solar chargers.
Arc 10W by Voltaic Systems
Looking for a lightweight solar option that someone can plug their phone directly to for charge? This is one of the best. The Arc 8W provides USB devices with the power they need. Regulated, and Apple-compatible. Simple plug-n-play solar with plenty of power to get the job done quickly.
Nomad 7 Plus by Goal Zero
The latest edition of the popular Nomad series of personal solar chargers is lighter, and smarter than the original. Plug any USB device directly to the panel to begin charging. Connect direct to USB devices!
Sherpa 100AC by Goal Zero
The latest in portable battery technology. A compact battery pack, with roughly the same capacity as your laptop, so you should approximately double your runtime. BUT, this battery also adds: USB-C Power Delivery to devices, Qi wireless charging to phones, and built-in household AC output (so you can use your wall adaptor if you don’t have a DC connector for your device).

Extreme Solar Kit by Powertraveller
A very tough set of equipment. 5W solar, with 44Wh of battery, handling all your USB, USB-c, and low-power 12V devices like phones, GPS, drones, cameras, and more.
So, why these?
Simple… they work great. That’s the point, isn’t it?
I’ve seen the solar chargers & battery packs in big box stores, and I’ve read the reviews. They simply aren’t at this level.
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