1′ Waterproof Extension Cable

CAD $7.99

Voltaic 1′ waterproof extension cable for connecting Voltaic solar panels to battery packs at a good distance for backpacks & paniers. Male 3.5×1.1mm to female 3.5×1.1mm connectors.

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Use the 1′ waterproof extension cable to extend the reach of your Voltaic battery pack just a little bit. Useful when configuring your Voltaic solar panel system on your backpack or bike panier. This cable connects to the male output connector on your Voltaic solar panel, and female end of your Voltaic device connector (micro USB, mini USB, 5.5mm barrel, phone tips, etc.)

1′ Waterproof Extension Cable Details…

Male 3.5×1.1mm to female 3.5×1.1mm extension cable with waterproof connectors for connecting panels to batteries.

Approximately 1′ long (30cm).

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 01 × 01 × 01 cm


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