12V Mini AA/AAA Charger

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Simple. It plugs directly into your car’s cigarette socket, or the 12V CLA socket on most portable solar panels & battery packs.
The Wagan 2177 12V mini charger is one of the smallest chargers available that works direct from mid-size solar panels (5watts to 14watts is ideal). A great option for hikers who want to keep AA batteries charged for their GPS receivers.

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With no extra wires or battery chassis, the Wagan 2177 12V mini AA/AAA charger is just about the easiest charger to take with you on an expedition.

If you want to be able to charge your camera AA batteries from any vehicle or portable solar panel, with the least amount of equipment to carry, then this is the right charger for you.

There is also the added convenience of the little LED flashlight built-in to the charger. It operates with power from the batteries (very little power).

What’s the best solar panel to use with this charger?

The Wagan 2177 AA/AAA charger has an advantage over others, in that it has a low power consumption. This means that less of the valuable power from your solar panel investment will go to operate the charger, and more will be sent into the batteries you want to charge.
When you want to plug directly into a solar panel, the following panels work great…

PowerFilm Folding 5 Watt
PowerFilm Rollable 7 Watt
PowerFilm Folding 10 Watt
PowerFilm Rollable 14 Watt

Or any other panel you might have that offers a 12v CLA power socket outlet (like the socket in your car’s dashboard).

Don’t want to be at the mercy of the sun? Simply put a battery pack between the solar panel & this 12V charger.

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