Arc 10W Folding USB Solar Panel by Voltaic

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The Voltaic Arc 10W takes monocrystalline solar cell efficiency to new lightweight levels. Connect any of your USB electronics directly to the Arc 10W for instant power from the sun! Or charge any of your external battery packs to keep all your USB gear charged. USB SOLAR CHARGER TOP PICK.

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The Voltaic Arc 10W takes monocrystalline solar cell efficiency to new lightweight levels. Charge all your USB devices: smartphones, iPhones, media players, mp3 players, GoPro cameras, GPS, and more. 10 Watts means they will charge quickly, with safe, regulated power from the sun. Or charge any of your external battery packs to keep all your USB gear charged after daylight hours.
This is our Top Pick USB SOLAR CHARGER!


You can charge directly from this panel, but when you need to store power for use anytime, day or night, these battery packs are the way to do it.

Arc 10W Features…
  • ETFE coated solar panel is more durable and UV resistant than epoxy or PET coated panels.
  • Regulated USB output allows fast charging direct from the solar panel
  • Charger packs tight for easy storage and transport
What can you charge with your Arc 10W?…

The Arc 10W charges all USB devices direct from daylight. Charge your smartphone, GoPro, tablet, and DSLR cameras directly from the sun. This versatile folder is coated with ETFE, meaning that it’s stronger and much more UV resistant than the other solar folders on the market – providing you with a fast and consistent charge longer. Keep it folded in your pack while you’re deep in the woods and pull it out just in time to soak up that afternoon sun.

You don’t need an intermediary USB battery. The Arc10W will charge most USB devices directly. As long as there is sunlight, you are charging.
How much sunlight is needed?
Direct sunlight is best, but even on a bright overcast day, most USB devices will connect and take a charge from this solar panel.
If you have a fussy device that insists on a minimum level of power in order to charge, then simply place even a small battery pack like the V15 or EcoCharge in between the solar panel & your device. These battery packs accept low levels of input power, and at the same time will keep your fussy devices happy.

Performance Specifications…
  • Solar Panel Output
    10 Watts, 5V, 2A output @ 5V (regulated)
  • Dimensions and Weight
    Open :26 x 33 x .08 cm (10 x 13 x 0.03″)
    Folded :26 x 16 x 0.4 cm (10 x 6.5 x 0.15″)
    Weight : 306g (10.9oz)
What’s included…
  • Arc 10W Solar Charger with regulated USB Output
  • Optional – A solar storage battery is not included but is recommended for charging after daylight hours, and for consistent charging during periods of intermittent sunlight.
    Recommended solar battery capacity: 20-50 Watt-Hours (7800mAHr or more)
    Voltaic V44 : or : Goal Zero Venture 30  :  or  : RandomOrder 9K

The Arc 10 uses a thin, rigid backing for the solar cells that is much lighter, and thinner than the construction used in other crystalline panels. Compare it against the Goal Zero Nomad 7…

  • Voltaic Arc 10W (10 Watts) : 306g
  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 (5 Watts) : 460g
  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus (7 Watts) : 363g

Want the complete competitive picture?
Read the following article on solar chargers, how they work, the challenges they face, and how the leading products like Voltaic, Anker, and Goal Zero, perform…

Who is Voltaic Systems?

Voltaic Systems is a full-service provider of remote charging solutions.
Established in 2004, Voltaic broke into the solar industry by designing the world’s first solar backpack. Since then, they’ve applied their extensive knowledge and experience to provide a complete line of solar panels and battery packs for both consumer and industrial customers.
Modern Outpost has been promoting Voltaic Systems’ products to the Canadian market since 2006.

From powering bednet distribution programs in Nigeria to designing custom power systems for large-scale asset tracking deployments, Voltaic’s customers count on their equipment to keep their devices charged. They choose Voltaic not only for innovative, high-quality products but because of their commitment to understanding project needs.

Voltaic’s mission is to promote sustainable technology through research and design while enabling our customers, big and small, to do more. We believe in quality engineering, collaborative problem solving and creating sustainable solutions that support our customers and the planet.

If you have any questions regarding Voltaic products, or wish to discuss a special solar project, please feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm


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