ASC Solar Charge Controller

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High performance 20 Watt & 50 Watt solar charge controllers that are tough, easy to install, and practically indestructible. Perfect for small solar installations using AGM or standard SLA deep cycle batteries. The zero battery consumption and automatic night time shut-down saves power. Made in Canada!

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These high performance 20 Watt & 50 Watt solar charge controllers increases battery life by preventing overcharging. Overcharging can cause corrosion and buckling of the lead plates, increased battery water loss and excess hydrogen gas.

The control also prevents power loss back into the solar module at night, so an external blocking diode is not required (most rollable & foldable solar panels include a blocking diode, but many rigid panels do not).

Unique no battery drain – Battery standby power consumption is zero! In the dark they use absolutely zero power, ideal for PV systems where efficiency is important. Other controls, which have a standby current draw, will drain the battery over the winter with no solar input, reducing the freeze protection of the battery.

Eco Energy’s latest innovation; automatic nighttime shutdown with an intelligent design results in the controller using < 1/10th the power of the industry average. Other controls stay on all night, wasting precious power. Save up to 10% of the power from a 5 Watt module.

Safer – Eco Energy controllers have more built in protection and safety features than any others on the market. They feature automatic over-temperature shutdown, protection from battery removal conditions, over-current, solar and battery reverse polarity, short circuit and over-voltage protection of the inputs and outputs. Eco Energy is the first to combine all of these safety features into one controller. In remote applications, there is no need to worry about accidentally damaging the controllers.

Going solar with confidence has never been easier.

The new
ASC charge controllers provide you with many benefits over the Sunguard.

Model: ASC20W or ASC50W


• Unique – Zero Battery consumption
• Protection (PV & Batt), against short-circuit & reverse polarity, overload, over temperature & battery removal
• Can charge a completely discharged battery
• Extreme design –40° to +70°C (-40° to +160°F)
• Series design (not shunt)
• Reliable – 100% solid state
• No radio interference
• Silent
• No need to derate
• Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
• Solid aluminum case
• 5 year warranty
• Manufactured at a solar powered facility
• Designed and built in North America
• No Cost Optional temperature compensation

Electrical Specifications
Voltage configurations 12 volts (custom voltages 6 to 20 volts)
Max. PV open circuit voltage 30 volts
Max. Charging current (at 70 °C) 1.5 amps DC (3.5 Amps for ASC50W)
Battery consumption zero, 0.0 mA
Min. Battery voltage to begin charging 2.5 Volts
Typical solar consumption 5 mA daylight only, 3 mA without LED
18 gauge wire leads 5 inches
Typical set points: Off: 14.1 Volts On: 13.3 Volts

General Specifications
Temperature range: –40° to +70°C -40° to +160°F
Case: ABS case, completely sealed in epoxy
Weight: 50 grams (approx. 2oz)
Size(H x W x D): 3.8 x 7.0 x 3.1 cm (1.5 x 2.75 by 1.3 inches)
Wire: 18 gauge
Mounting: wall mountable

Features & Options
Status Lights: 1 LED (charging)
Regulation method Low frequency On-Off series type
Built in blocking diode
Temperature compensation
Custom voltage setpoints
Custom wire lead lengths
Dual battery charging option

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