Boulder 15 Solar Module by Goal Zero

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OK, it doesn’t fold. But consider it as a compact rigid panel that is easily packable.

Providing 15 Watts in full sun means you get lots of power for all your electronics. Use the Boulder 15 to keep your solar storage battery charged.

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Product Description


  • Collect 15 watts of power from the sun
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Strong tempered glass with aluminum frame
  • Charges Escape 150 power pack in 15-20 hours
  • Can be linked together for maximum energy

What’s in the Box:

1 x Boulder 15 Solar Panel

Maximum energy for the long haul.

Power and recharge your power pack faster than ever with the technology of this 15 watt highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panel that can be linked to other panels for maximum energy.

Input Sources

15 watt mono-crystalline solar technology

Output Ports

Open circuit voltage: 18V
Charging voltage: 12V±2V


Product Weight (no pkg) 3 lbs 1.63 kgs
Product Dimensions 11 x 18 x 1 (inch) 28 x 46 x 2.5 (cm)
Warranty Twelve months

Operating Temperatures

Optimal Operating 32°-104°F 0°-40°C
Optimal Storage 32°-86°F 0°-30°C

Additional Information

Weight 2.9 kg


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