Canada’s Ultimate Emergency Survival Kit

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An earthquake sends you running from your house at 3am January 5th. Light freezing rain outside, and a town in panic all around you. Are you prepared? You could be.

We’ve put a cross section of our best self-reliant equipment into this package, to make it Canada’s ultimate emergency survival kit. Check the links below to individual items, and get only what you need!

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Product Description

Being prepared in Canada means being prepared for an emergency or natural disaster at the worst of times. We’ve seen the 72-hour emergency kits sold at supermarkets, and promoted by local emergency preparedness agencies. Immediately thought we could do far better than that, because let’s face it… it might be a lot longer than 72 hours, and you’ll need more than a space blanket, energy bar, and pack of bandages to get you through.

So we’ve put together a collection of gear that will keep you safe & sound while you get yourself & your family oriented to the situation at hand. After all, a severe emergency at an inconvenient time is no time to be caught unprepared.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this kit is that it includes equipment that you will find useful while camping, during a weekend at the cottage, or during a November power outage.

The Kit…

Shelter & Warmth

The single most important aspect of your kit. The goal here is to provide shelter from the weather, while keeping you warm…

First Aid

Most emergencies come with at least a few bumps, scrapes, & bruises. The goal here is to stop any bleeding, and prevent infections until more comprehensive medical help can be obtained. If you think you need a tiage kit, let us know.


You may be able to survive weeks without food, but water is absolutely essential on a daily basis. Rather than deal with little packets of water with expiry dates, we’ve included a means of producing safe, clean water at any time…

Light & Communication

No more worries about dead batteries. The Ultimate Kit provides a radio & flashlight that are ready for use anytime. LED lights that never burn out, and the ability to pull-in radio stations from around the world plus your local environment Canada or NOAA broadcasts.


A few items to keep you clean & healthy…


No kit is complete without a pocket knife, so we’ve included one with a built-in emergency signal whistle. Plus we’ve included a means of charging your cell phone & other small electronics.

How To Add To Your Kit…

Click on any of the above item links to be taken to their respective pages. From there you can order additional items.

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