Circuit Box : 3 Panel, 6/18V

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Connects three Voltaic solar panels in series or parallel to create 6V or 18V solar power systems.
(Use Voltaic 
2W or 3.4W panels)

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Connects three panels in series or parallel for 6V or 18V systems (2W or 3.4W panels)

If 6Volt panels are used, output would be 6 or 18V depending on setting.

Each input in the circuit box is 3.5mm x 1.1mm.

Two outputs: male 5.5×2.1mm and a female 5.5×2.5mm plug.

A blocking diode prevents charge flowing from a battery back through your panel(s).

Battery Storage Options…

6V Setting charges USB batteries…

Voltaic V15
Voltaic V39

Goal Zero Guide 10+

Brunton Inspire
Brunton ReSync

18V Setting charges 12V & Universal lithium battery packs…

Voltaic V60

Brunton Sustain
Brunton Impel 

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