Circuit Box : 4 Panel, 6/12V

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Connects two or four Voltaic solar panels in series or parallel to create 6V or 12V solar systems. Useful for charging devices and many common battery packs.
(Use Voltaic 2W or 3.4W panels).

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Connects two Voltaic solar panels in series or parallel (2W or 3.4W panels)

If 6Volt panels are used, output would be 6 or 12V depending on setting.

4 Input ports: Female 3.5 x1.1mm

2 Outputs: Male 5.5×2.1, and a female 3.5×1.1mm plug.

A blocking diode prevents charge flowing from a battery back through your panel(s).

Battery Storage Options…

6V Setting charges USB batteries…

Voltaic V15
Voltaic V39

Goal Zero Guide 10+

Brunton Inspire
Brunton ReSync


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