Eco 1800S Portable Solar Generator

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Harness the power of the sun. The Ecotricity Eco 1800S portable solar power generator offers 90 Watts of solar power, over 360 Watt-Hours of battery storage, and 1800 Watts of portable AC power. Ideal for camps, research stations, ranger stations, and emergency preparedness.

Replaced by the AP1800S2

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Product Description

Replaced by the AP1800S2


A powerful All-In-One portable solar power solution.

The Eco1800S Solar Power Generator uses a 90 watt solar panel to “capture” the sun’s energy.  The sun’s energy is then used to charge the batteries inside the Eco1800S Solar Generator which includes an 120 VAC inverter that can operate your AC devices up to 1800 watts.  Your Eco1800S Solar Generator can charge the batteries through the ECO1800 Solar Panel, the 120 VAC line cord OR both at the same time.


Home Backup Power : can handle fridges, computers, TVs, freezers, and more.

Emergencies : plug in lights, radios, phones, and more.

Remote Power : ideal for camps, research stations, ranger stations, recreation, etc


Silent operation

1800W inverter with 5 household outlets (north american)

Digital battery status indicator

High efficiency crystalling solar panels

Folding panel mount for easy transport & set-up

No assembly required


Solar Panel : 90 Watts @ 18V (peak)

Battery Storage : 60 amp-hours (approx 360 Watt-Hours useable capacity)

Battery chemistry : SLA

AC Inverter : 1800W (cont), 2600 (surge), modified sine


Battery/inverter unit : 19.25 x 8.25 x 11.25″ / 48.9 x 21 x 28.6cm

Solar Array :42.75 x 24.5″ / 108.6 x 62.2 cm


Battery/inverter unit : 60lbs / 27.2kg

Solar Array : 33lbs / 15kg

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Weight 45 kg


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