EnergyBar 300

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The Aspect Solar EnergyBar 300 battery pack with built-in inverter provides the freedom to take your power wherever you travel. Ideal for expeditions, work camps, emergencies, & camping with a CPAP.

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Product Description

The Aspect Solar EnergyBar 300 battery pack with built-in inverter provides the freedom to take your power wherever you travel. With a lightweight and compact design, keeping your electronics charged will be easier than ever. The EnergyBar 300 battery pack has the best portable solar power to keep a smartphone charged up to 29 hours, a laptop charged up to 4-5 hours, or an LED television charged up to 10 hours. Also an ideal solution for camping with CPAP & BiPAP machines.

The Aspect Solar EnergyBar 300 can accommodate up to 60 Watts of solar panels.

EnergyBar 300 Features…

LiFePO4 Battery
The EnergyBar 300 utilizes Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, which is known to provide a lighter, safer, and longer-lasting lifespan as opposed to lead-acid batteries. With 2000 life cycles, this LiFePO4 battery is a great emergency power source with only a 0-2% self-discharge per month.

Portable Power
This product can be charged with the included AC wall outlet charger or with a DC car adapter. An alternative charging solution for the EnergyBar 300 is one of our environmentally friendly small solar panels. This product can be paired with the EP-60 solar panels for a portable solar charging solution.

Exceptional Recharge Rate
The EnergyBar 300 can be charged and recharged in a number of convenient ways:
Included AC Adapter (Fast Charging): 2-3 hours
DC Adapter: 4-8 hours
AspectSolar Solar Panel Kit: 7-13 hours

Weather-Resistant Case
The EnergyBar 300 comes with a protective, weather-resistant neoprene carrying case. Just zip it up, and carry the EnergyBar to wherever portable power power is needed. Use the sealed pouch to hold mobile devices or power adapters.

Slim and Portable Design
This product was designed to be fully portable and weighs only 12 lbs. The lightweight and slim design makes this EnergyBar a convenient portable power source wherever you need it.

EnergyBar 300 Specifications…
Battery Capacity 295Wh LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
DC Input 15V 4A (for standard charging)
DC Input 15V 8A (for quick charging)
12V DC Socket 12V ± 20% 10A
12V DC Outlet 12V ± 20% 20A (Anderson Pole)
AC Universal 200 Watt Modified Sine Wave
4 USB Ports 5V 2A *Compatible with all USB devices INCLUDING Apple products.
Dimensions 2.25 x 16.125 x 9.625 in.
Weight 12 lbs



Additional Information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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