Kaito KA550 Radio

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The Kaito KA550 is the perfect radio for emergency preparedness, or for a weekend trip to the cabin. The KA550 comes with all the features that you need during a power outage, or off-grid lifestyle, including a source of light and information. All the radio you could want, plus LED lighting & USB charging!

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We only carry one radio. The Kaito KA550 is the one.
Here’s why: In addition to AM, FM & Shortwave band reception, the KA500 Voyager receives 7 NOAA weather bands. It also has a weather alert setting that announces emergency weather alerts. The analog tuning dial is easy to read, and is a more reliable tuning method for an emergency radio than LCD displays which can break or fail over time.

The fit & finish of the Kaito KA550 is great. A solid feel. Strap handle with rubber grip. Well laid out control knobs with easy to read & understand labels. Smooth tuning. Compact size.

The Kaito KA550 power system is built around a high-quality AC-type brushless generator, that is cranked easily, and offers a smooth, quiet action. We’ve tested & sold a wide variety of these dynamo/solar radios over the years, and a smooth quiet crank is very important – it speaks to the quality & reliability of the unit.

Together with the built-in solar panel, you have the ability to keep the KA550 radio charged at all times. Keep it in a bright window and ordinary sunlight will charge & maintain the internal battery pack. The solar panel can also power the radio in direct sunlight.

Should you run out of power in the internal battery during a prolonged blackout, simply crank the handle to get additional charge. 30 seconds of winding provides over 30 minutes of play (at moderate volume).

To maximize sunlight exposure, the solar panel is tiltable so you can find the optimum angle to receive sunlight. On the back side of the solar panel is a 5 LED reading lamp that you can use it to read while the power is out.

LED Lighting Feature…

1. 5 LED reading lamp for camping and emergency use.
2. White LED flashlight
3. Red LED blinking for emergency alert.

USB Charging…

The KA550 radio can also be used as an emergency charging station for most USB electronics. It is built with a USB jack that can connect with many standard USB enabled gadgets like phones & mp3 players.
NOTE: TESTED & VERIFIED that it works with Apple iPods, iPhones, & iPads.

There is also a USB input jack so that you can charge the radio from USB too.

6 Power Options In Total…

1. Dynamo Cranking Power

2 turns per second (120 turns per minute) cranking will power the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage.

2. Solar Panel Power

Under direct summer sunlight, the solar panel is able to power the radio directly. The panel also charges the internal battery pack when the radio is off, or when the panel is producing more power than the radio is using. Keep the radio in a bright window, and it will always be charged & ready.

3. AA Batteries

You can also use 3 normal AA batteries to run the radio with max reception.

4. The built-in Rechargeable battery pack

The Ni-MH battery pack will run the radio for over 12 hours when fully charged by the dynamo, solar, AC adaptor (not included), or USB source.

5. AC adaptor

This allows you to charge from a wall outlet. With so many other ways to charge, this is an accessory you may not need.

6. USB source

Charge from a computer via USB port, or use any USB wall adaptor.

Kaito KA550 Radio Receiver Features…

1. AM: 520-1710 KHz
2. FM: 87.00- 108.00 MHz
3. SW1: 3.20-9.00KHz
4. SW2: 9.00- 22.00KHz
5. Weather Band: 7 standard bands for all stations
6. Weather Alert: To be activated by weather alert signals

Precise tuning is achieved via PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception.

What’s in the box?

Earbud headphones
USB Cord
AC adaptor (optional)

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions N/A

Silver/Black, Red/Black


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