Kestrel 2000 Pocket Thermo Wind Meter

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More than a pocket wind meter, the Kestrel 2000 offers temperature measurements, plus related such as windchill. Trust Kestrel for the most accurate field measurements.

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Product Description

For those of you who like to know just how cold and windy it really is, the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter is your reality check. Whether contemplating which wet suit the cold water warrants, or checking to see how low the wind chill can go in the blind, the Kestrel 2000 is the easy-to-use tool you need.

Winter sports enthusiasts around the world love Kestrel Meters. Thanks to the patented external temperature sensor, the Kestrel 2000 can take accurate water and snow temperature readings, and since it is isolated from the case, you can be sure that the temperature the Kestrel Meter is reading is accurate and not influenced by your hand warming the unit.

Kestrel 2000 Measures

Kestrel 2000 Features

  • Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Large easy-to-read display with backlight
  • Data hold function
  • Quick-response, external thermistor
  • Innovative design for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes
  • Patented user-replaceable impeller
  • Reliable, portable and easy to use
  • All instruments and accessories are completely assembled in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

Kestrel 2000 Includes

Additional Information

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