MH-C401FS AA AAA Battery Charger by PowerEx

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The PowerEx MH-C401FS-DC is the best AA & AAA battery charger that we’ve seen for use with solar power & mobile applications. Not only can you use the MH-C401FS-DC at home, but it also comes with a 12V plug for use in your car or with any solar panel that provides a standard 12V CLA socket.
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A reliable AA charger and AAA charger that is fantastic as part of any portable power system. Connects easily to 12V solar charging systems when needed, low-overhead consumption, and 4 independent channels for mixed NiMh battery charging.
The PowerEx MH-C401FS-DC provides a number of advantages to standard chargers…

1. AC or DC input. This means being able to take the charger just about anywhere. Home AC, vehicle 12V DC, or solar power.

2. 4 channels, meaning that you can charge 1, 2, 3, or 4 batteries at a time… independently. This is great news for anyone who charges AA batteries for GPS units. Many GPS units use 3 AA batteries, but most chargers are only built to charge 2 or 4 cells at a time.

3. Smart pulse charging. PowerEx’s unique FLEX negative pulse charging algorithm allows the battery to accept a more complete charge. Regardless of the of battery’s capacity, if they cannot be fully charged users would not be able to fully realize the potential of the batteries. The PowerEx MH-C401FS delivers the most complete charge for chargers in its class. The new FLEX negative pulse algorithm also significantly enhances battery life and eliminates the need for traditional “battery conditioning & cycling” as the pulse eliminates the memory effect just by charging the batteries.

4. Dual charging speeds. 100 minute rapid charge (1000mA rate) or slow 5-hour charge (300mA rate). Use fast when time is important, and use slow when you want the best rate for long battery life.

The PowerEx MH-C401FS-DC is not much bigger than a deck of cards, and is very light, making it easy to pack along on expeditions.

MH-C401FS AA AAA Battery Charger Specifications…

Rapid Charge Current: 1000mA (AA)
500mA (AAA)

Trickle Charge Current: 50mA

Slow (Gentle)
Charge Current: 300mA (AA)
200mA (AAA)

Charging Cell Configuration:
One to Four
AA/AAA Batteries

Microprocessor: Negative Delta V
Four Independent channels
Power Supply Voltage: 12V 1000mA

AC & DC input adaptors are included

4.0 x 2.5 x 1.2″
10.5 x 6.5 x 3.0cm
3.1oz / 88g

Limited Lifetime

Additional information

Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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