Mini Dynamo Flashlight

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It only looks like a toy. When we started using our demo model (see the photos), we were more than impressed. It has a solid feel. The dynamo is smooth and doesn’t have a flimsy feel to it. The light is easily bright enough for close work, finding your way during a blackout, or lighting a tent.

At this price, grab a few! They’re great for backpacking & car gloveboxes.

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The Coghlans Mini Dynamo Flashlight is the flashlight that’s always ready.

Great for home, in the car, in your camper, boat, or storm emergency kit. It uses no batteries and contains 2 bright LEDs that will never need replacing. Just crank it for one minute to get up to 7 minutes of continuous light!

Coghlans Mini Dynamo Flashlight Features…
  • 2 bright LED lights
  • Positive feeling ON/OFF switch
  • Fold-away crank handle
  • Convenient key chain or backpack clip
  • Internal rechargeable battery is replaceable when & if ever needed (available everywhere)
  • It’s tiny! only 1.75 x 1.25
How tough is it?

The Coghlans Mini Dynamo Flashlight is solid. Easily built to take the bumps & scrapes of life.

How fast do I crank the handle?

At a casual rate of about 2 turns per second.
Cranking really fast will not help, and you run the risk of damaging the charging mechanism.

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