EcoFan Motor Replacement Kit : 800/802

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Replacement motor kit for Caframo EcoFan models 800, 802.
If your EcoFan is making noises, or your EcoFan is running slow, this may be the correct solution.

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Product Description

This page features the replacement motor kit for Caframo EcoFan models 800, 802.

Does your EcoFan need repairs? Is your EcoFan running slow? There are two possible reasons…

1.The Peltier chip, the part sandwiched between the top & bottom sections of your EcoFan, may be failing. These generating units can operate for years without problems, but occasionally one will be operated at too high a temperature for too long, and the Peltier will fail. If your EcoFan started to slow rather abruptly, then this may be the cause. Contact Caframo directly for service.

2. The other possibility is that the motor unit on your EcoFan is failing. Over time, the motor may seize, or the contacts fail. Luckily, Caframo provides an easy replacement motor unit for each of their EcoFan products, which is how to came to this page. If your fan is making grinding noises, or ticking, this is the likely cause.

This motor replacement kit will bring your Ecofan back to life if the motor on your EcoFan is showing its age. Be sure to check your EcoFan model before purchasing.

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