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MyGrid 2.x : Grid-Tie Solar Power System

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Product Summary

All you need is a 14x6' or 28x6' patch of roof, and you could be saving up to 30% on your electric utility bills. The MyGrid 2.x grid-tie solar power system package comes with everything you need including premium solar modules, racking, utility interface, and web-based system monitoring.
FREE shipping to most Canadian locations.

Product Description

Ready to bury the dinosaur? All you need is a 14x12' or 28x6' patch of roof, and you could be saving up to 30% on your electric utility bills. But, more than that, you'd like a system that is simple to install, is built to last, and can be expanded easily in the future. Well, you've come to the right place.
The MyGrid 2.x system package includes all your core system components: premium solar modules, racking, utility interface, and web-based system monitoring. You'll not only have an attractive system with a 20+ year warranty and 40+ year life expectancy, but you will be able to see exactly how it is performing anytime you wish, and can expand it for even more green energy at any time.

FREE shipping is included to most Canadian locations.

MyGrid 2.x Features...
  • Leading European solar modules from REC 1
    8 x 290W REC Twin Peak 2 2 solar modules
    Got trees? REC's design is your best option
    Maximum power performance for any installation
    Unique split-panel design minimizes the effects of shading & soiling
    REC is in the top-5 on the solar scorecard 3 rankings year-after-year
    A Norwegian company, and one of Europe's top brands
  • The leading Grid-Tie Microinverters from Enphase 4
    8 x Enphase IQ 5 micro inverters
    1 x Enphase Envoy-S 6 monitoring system with web
    Maximum power yield for any installation
    Simplified AC wiring that makes any electrician happy
    Easily expanded in the future without any re-engineering
    Web-based monitoring system - track performance at the module-level
  • Fully integrated premium racking solution from Ironridge 7
    Superior aesthetics: Black or silver, finishes nicely at the edge of the solar module
    Simple & quick installation with fantastic lightweight design
    Built-in cable management
  • Full support and guidance for a fast, trouble-free installation

All you need is...
1. Choose the roof attachment you will need for your home
We strongly recommend Quick Mount PV 8. Superior design, 20-year warranty, approval from all major roofing manufacturers, full list of roofing certifications, and solutions for any roof type.
For west coast homes with composite shingle roofs, we recommend the Classic.
For less wet locations, the E-Mount is ideal.
Cedar shake 9, tile, and low-slope solutions are also available.

2. Choose your favourite local roofer, general tradesman, and electrician
Help with the permits, installation, and utility interface steps. Or do it yourself and save.
Interior home wiring for run from roof penetration box to main (or sub) service panel is not included, so hiring trades can help to ensure that the job is done right.
A dedicated 240VAC breaker is required on your main (or sub) service panel (breaker not included).

MyGrid 2.x Specifications...
  • Rated Power: 2.32 kW
  • Expected annual production - varies from location to location.
    Most lower-latitude Canadian locations with decent southerly exposure will generate
    up to 2,500 kWh per year.
Want to know more?

Check-Out Our FAQ 10 on how these systems work, and what you need to know to start saying good-bye to your utility bills!

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 100 kg


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